Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Last Day in Regina

We LOVE our daughter in law !!

Even though we just had our son's family stay with us for two days at Christmas, they quickly agreed to our request of just "one more visit" to see our grandchildren ... lol.

Ali is a great Mom and our family
is blessed to be able to include her

They live two and a half hours away, and though the temperatures were a little warmer, the wind was blowing across the highway, making driving very treacherous.

The passing lane is covered in snow
and our lane was very icy

After seeing yet another car in the ditch, we seriously considered turning around.

We decided to slow right down, and drive cautiously.  Although the trip was considerably longer, we arrived safe and sound.

Now, give us those kids ... lol.

Reading with Mya

After play time and visiting, Ali prepared us an amazing meal of chicken cordon bleu, which she makes herself.

Our daughter and Tristan in a staring contest

It was so delicious, and was followed up by a caramel apple pie that Teresa brought along.

With one eye on the clock, we knew the time had come to say goodbye for the next three months.

This is always hard on us, and we know that all our travelling friends agree that this is the worst part of being away.

Safely back in Regina, we dropped our daughter off with kisses and hugs and more goodbyes.

Today we are running around in circles doing all the last minute chores that need to be done.

We fly back to Phoenix tomorrow morning, and are very excited to see our friends.

Do you think they will notice the extra 10 pounds we put on over the holiday season ??


  1. Always tough to say goodbye...can't imagine what it will be like when grandchildren arrive. Safe travels and we will try to warm things up here in Arizona for your return!

  2. That highway picture is not pretty!!! Safe travels back to warmth and sunshine.

  3. I'm glad you had such a nice visit. WE remember those Sask winter roads - NOT fun!

    Safe and warm travels to the south!

  4. Those babies are so beautiful.
    And Nope no one will notice your gains as I am sure they have found a few of their own.
    Happy New Year!


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