Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Celebrating Marilyn's Birthday

This part of Arizona has just come through three days of rain.

Very unusual, the locals tell us, but hey, you can blame us again !!

Monday was Marilyn's birthday, and we sure weren't going to let the cold and rain deter us from having a great time.

Marilyn chose BJ's Restaurant as a gathering spot.

This place has a real lively atmosphere with great food and large portions.

We sure were having a great time, and did not want to leave.  The birthday girl is always fun to be around.

Happy Birthday, dear friend

This event was also supposed to be a going away dinner for our pals Bob and Janet, but we are getting together with them for a happy hour tomorrow, so we will leave the crying for then.

The good news is we will see them again in a week or two in Yuma.

To make it even better yet, Ed and Marilyn are going to join the four of us for a visit.

It is hard to believe that soon our paths will take us in different directions.

But, let's not think about that just yet !!


  1. Any excuse for a party is always great. Always nice to keep about from place to place works for us.

  2. sorry but Yuma is not at all a great place in our eyes but perhaps your friends will help you show us a different side. I hope so.


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