Saturday, April 6, 2013

Casper Wyoming

We were off to an early start again this morning, with much cooler weather.

I could easily see my breath as I was breaking camp.

As soon as we left Grand Junction we started climbing in elevation and saw snow on the ground.

We did receive a few minutes of rain, but none of the white stuff.

We remembered how abundant the wildlife is along this drive, and sure enough, we saw multiple herds of deer and antelope.

At one point I had to brake hard as a herd of elk crossed the highway in front of us.

After seven hours of driving, and just a tad short of 400 miles, we arrived in Casper where we will spend the night.

We will winterize the rig when we arrive in Miles City, Montana tomorrow.

That means we will not have a bathroom or any running water.

Just like the early pioneers !!


  1. Is it still that cold up there?
    I tell you that Luggable Loo I bought at Cabela's was great for that cabin I was in.
    Hope to see more pics of the wildlife.

  2. We would use our Rv in the cold Ontario winters with no running water but just use cheep windshield washer antifreeze to flush the toilet. And dump the tanks when it was warm enough. Did that for a few years. Now we just go south.

    Travel safe and keep warm.

  3. In spite of the coolness, you two seem to be making good time. Winterizing your rig is a god thing and, thankfully, there are rest stops along the way

  4. Just got caught up on your blog since you left Palm Springs. Zion looks BEAUTIFUL. I am a walker and have found a race there that I may try to do in a the next couple years. Love the pictures of your travel home. Safe travels the remaining way home and be safe in the snow.

  5. Ha! Just this morning we had to brake for a herd of elk on the highway north of Wells,Nevada!!! Hafe a safe journey the rest of your way....we're hunkering down around Boise waiting for warmer weather.


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