Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Vegas and Zion

Yesterday, we travelled from Palm Springs to Las Vegas.

We got started a little later than planned as we had to return an internet modem to Time Warner, and the line up was twenty to thirty people long.

With that task complete, we hit the road and noticed there were a lot of RV's heading north.

Traffic was not that bad on our selected roads, until we neared Vegas.

It did not help that we were passing through the city in rush hour !

Our destination was on the outskirts of the city.  Friends Jesse and Ginger are workamping at the Clark County Shooting Complex.

They had supper waiting for us, and with empty stomachs it was sure appreciated.

Such great friends, and we will see them again on our cruise next year, if not earlier.

This morning, after good bye hugs with Jesse and Ginger, we made the two hour drive to Hurricane, Ut our base for touring Zion National Park.

Although it was late in the afternoon when we got settled in to our park, we made a bee-line to Zion to catch a glimpse and develop a game plan for tomorrow.

The drive to the park is about 25 minutes, and the views are enticing.

We paid our $25 dollars which allows a week of visiting, though we will only be here a few days.

The place was packed like sardines.  I inquired with a park ranger who told us that it is spring break for lots of kids, and they are here with their parents.

She also advised us to arrive early if we want any chance of parking our car.  From there we can take the free shuttle anywhere in the park.

We certainly won't be the first ones in line to get into the park, but hopefully, we can get there bright and early.

We have a full day of hiking planned, so wish us luck !!


  1. Hope you guys have a great time and safe travels.

  2. We stopped at Zion 2 years ago, and woke up to 4 inches of snow! We had a great day in the park though. Make sure you drive the tunnel and make your way to the east side. The Pancake Mesa is pretty.

  3. Those couple of days planned for the area will be great. I have yet to read one negative blog from those who have been there.

    I'm sure you two will make it a memorable visit too.

  4. Have fun in the park hopefully avoid the crowds.

  5. Good to be reading of your adventures but it would be better to be with you, sharing the fun.
    We suggest Angel's Landing Hike and the Narrows, at least to the water.
    Have a great time.
    Love & Hugs,
    E & M

  6. The shuttle bus is great, it stops at all of the hiking trails.

  7. Sounds like it is going to be fun. The inside of your friends RV looks just like a house.

  8. We are so glad that we finally got to meet you guy's, and are looking forward to the next time. When we meet again we both have to be sure to use our camera's. "LOL" Glad you had a nice evening with your friends a nice meal with good company just can't top it. Enjoy Zion and will be looking forward to your posts. Safe travels to you both. Cheers!


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