Monday, April 8, 2013

Home Sweet Home

We awoke early this morning in Miles City, Montana, to a winter wonderland.

Because we had already winterized the rig, we were just wanting to head for home.

I will admit to some tense driving moments on the interstate, until a sanding truck appeared and we tucked in behind him.

The only problem was we could only do about 30 mph.

After crawling for a long while, the road cleared up, and traffic was flowing at about 50 mph.

Even though Teresa and I are very honest, and don't try any funny stuff at the border, we are always a little apprehensive about the procedure.

Today's crossing was a real treat !! 

We were asked all the usual questions, then the kind agent welcomed us back to Canada, and wished us safe travels.

There was a lot of snow in the fields in Saskatchewan, but only little patches on the highway.

However, we were embarrassed at the state of our roadways.

I am talking huge potholes, that rattled our teeth, and knocked things out of cupboards !!

Our provincial government is spending record amounts on infrastructure, so we are hopeful this will be improved.

The first thing Teresa did was turn on our Canadian cellphone, and started texting family and friends that we were nearly home.

We were thrilled that our daughter was able to come see us for a couple of hours before heading out to another commitment.

She sure got a lot of hugs, and a few gifts !!

After she left, we did a little more unpacking.

We ordered our favorite pizza, took long hot showers, and with heavy eyes, we are heading to bed.

It took us nearly 9 hours to cover those last 300 miles, so we are both exhausted and happy to be back.

It is true, there is no place like home !!


  1. Glad you made it home. Some friends of ours (Bruce & Sonya) from Canyon Vistas are stuck in Sheridan WY waiting out the bad weather. They're also on their way to Regina, but really just want to turn around and head back to Arizona!

  2. Glad to hear you guys are safe at home! What trip but at least you got in before the storm! Ha! We've been on those Sask roads in the south - you are not kidding about the holes - we came up in 2008 and couldn't believe them - worse then Mexico!

  3. Yes welcome back to Canada, but sure looks cold.

    We cross the border on Wednesday, to much better weather and roads, and am sure our border crossing will go just fine.

  4. You're not in Kansas anymore...there's no place like home !!!!
    Know exactly how you feel. Almost want to wrap my arms around the whole house and give it a great big hug.

  5. enjoy... looks way too cold for me :)

  6. Glad you made it safe and sound. Looking forward to see you 2 again, hope it is before January.

  7. Welcome home..glad you made it back safe and sound. Get some rest now, you deserve it!

  8. Glad to see you made it home safe and sound.

  9. Hope you don't mind that I stole one of your pictures to post on my blog. I've had a semi-regular series of posts all about the differences in weather between BC and Arizona going this winter, and your snow pics just about finish the subject off nicely.

  10. We certainly recall the road conditions you spoke of. We lived those roads when we lived in the prairies. Having spent the past 35 years on the west coast, we appreciate our rain over the white stuff.

    I do hope our government does look after the road fixes needed. With its richness from oil and gas revenues, it must reward the citizens with better infrastructure. You have a decent Premier though and I feel he'll manage your province well.

    It is good to be home, isn't it? But I already miss the 80's temperatures we came from.

  11. Glad you are home safe...nice snow pictures!,,,

  12. Happy you made it home safe and sound. Enjoy the summer with friends and family.
    Pretty pictures.

  13. so glad you made it home safely. remember, it's all that freezing weather that buckles the roads and makes potholes!....when I lived in Michigan we called summer the road repair months. or we had winter and the rest of the year was for road repairs!

  14. I think those pictures are an argument for staying in he south a bit longer:)

  15. You forgot your Miller MGD. Thanks, I am putting it to good use.

  16. Glad to know you arrived safely.

  17. Nice to get your comment. Been a long time. Too long! How are you two doing?


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