Sunday, April 7, 2013

Miles City, Montana

Our drive today was a little shorter, but still took nearly six hours with construction delays.

As soon as we got into our site, I started the task of winterizing, and now our rig is ready to head into the freezing Saskatchewan temps.

The overnight lows in Regina are predicted to be around -16C !!

It sure is a huge pain to have to go to the campground washroom, and I bet tomorrow morning will be a thrill trying to get through our morning routine without the convenience of running water.

But we are alive and healthy, and looking forward to making it home.


  1. Why are you in such a rush to get back to the cold...?

  2. I agree with Kevin, take your time, let it warm up a bit more.

  3. At least you'll be winterized and won't have to do it in the below zero temperatures.

    Cold temps are one thing but we hope the roads are clear too.

  4. Sorry you have to go home to such cold weather. My grandpa lived in Regina when I was young so made the trip there many times but it was usually in the middle of the summer.

  5. -16........why are you going home again????


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