Wednesday, March 20, 2013

A Cure for Homesickness

Leave it up to my darling wife to come up with a great idea.

During coffee the other day, she suggested that rather than just sitting around wondering how our family was doing, that maybe our time would be better spent staying active, keeping our minds off back home.

Sounds like a great idea I chimed in, what should we do first.

The Outlet Mall, she squealed with a huge smile on her face !!

The Outlet Mall, I squealed with a huge frown on my face !!

Off to the mall we went, and I was going to have fun, even if it killed me.

Teresa walked away with two new purses, two exercise outfits, and tons of clothes for the Grandchildren.

Me, on the other hand, well I was stuck holding all the bags.

The next adventure a couple of days later was a great road trip to Idyllwild.

This small village is about 6000 feet up.  The temperature dropped from the high 80's, to the 60's, and we were loving it.

In fact there was snow on the side of the roads !!

When I was googling this resort town, everyone recommended a stop at the local bakery for the Caramel Pecan Rolls.  They were not wrong !!

The pine trees were giving off this amazing scent, and with the cool air, we felt invigorated.

We attempted to walk off our snack by checking out the local shops and galleries.  We were struck by how friendly the locals were.

Back in the car, we headed home a different way, and soon found ourselves on the Pines to Palms Highway.

A squiggly road for sure.  Also, please note on the GPS that the speed limit was 55mph, but I was only doing 40mph, and Teresa was still digging her claws into the dashboard !!

Soon enough, we had to put the A/C back on because the temperature was rapidly increasing as we descended into the valley.

Yep, the first thing we saw were palm trees !!

We are going to possibly do this trip again, when it is just too darn hot to enjoy anything else !!


  1. Looked like a fun couple of days some good deals were found, and some new sights seen. Hard to beat that. Enjoyed the pictures and post.

  2. Definitely with you for the - town I can't remember how to spell - trip! Looked like a great time. The outlet malls - not so much - but bet they would have had some neat stuff for Cas.

  3. Hey thought we were going to have to send a search party out for you guys, we haven't heard from you guys for so long. Glad you are getting out and staying busy. One thing about yur warm weather you guys will be all tan and ready for our cruise next spring. Have you guys made the trip to San Diago yet, if not give me a call and we can direct you where we liked best. Bob and Janet

  4. So much to see and do in that area we just love it. Even Borrego Springs, Julian, Venice beach, Joshua Tree National park just to name a few.
    We are both too busy walking, reading or planning and even some exploring every day or two to be homesick.
    That's why we move every week or two, always something to plan and new sights. Have fun exploring.
    Suzie hates shopping so that is not an option.

  5. I enjoyed that place back when I flew a group to Palm Springs to play golf. It reminded me of Colorado.
    Marilyn says she wishes she was there to go shopping with Teresa. Trent you and I could have stayed home with a cold drink. LOL
    We miss you guys and send you big hugs.
    E & M

  6. shopping cures just about anything that ails you :)

  7. Perfect solution to homesickness. I liked the Pine to Palm Springs drive the best.

  8. The grandkids are sure to appreciate the shopping trip. Yours was a very good activities day.


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