Saturday, March 30, 2013

Meeting with Allen and Lolita

It was another scorcher under the California sun.

90 degrees to be exact.

Teresa and I continued to do little jobs in preparation for our Monday morning departure.

The highlight of our day, however, was meeting up with fellow bloggers Allen and Lolita.

We have been following their journey for some time now, and we were thrilled to realize they would be in our neck of the woods this weekend.

With plans hastily made, Teresa and I drove the short distance to their park outside Desert Hot Springs.

Although they were hoping we could visit outside, it was just too hot, so we visited inside their beautiful rig with the A/C on.

Teresa and I could see why they bought this fifth.  It featured a fireplace, big screen TV, and a wrap-around kitchen. Nice.

As usual, we felt like we had known them forever, and the conversation flowed easily.

Teresa brought our camera along, but it stayed safely tucked away in her purse, without a single photo.  Darn.

They are a great couple and we wish them many happy RV miles.

This evening, Teresa continued to prepare and clean our rig, as we will be quite busy tomorrow.

Hope everyone has a blessed Easter Sunday.


  1. And you have a Blessed Easter also.

  2. Thanks for the visit and sure glad we finally got to meet. Looking forward to staying in touch until our paths cross again. Wishing you both safe travels next week.

  3. We had such a great visit we forgot pictures too, and Lolita had ours ready on the counter. Darn on our part.

  4. What four, of you, two cameras and no pictures!
    At least you had a nice visit anyway.

  5. always fun to meet fellow bloggers, and here is to hoping you same travels on your trek back north...

  6. Always happens that way for us too...Happy Easter!

  7. It's nice that you got to meet up with Allen and Lolita.

    Wising you a good drive back home. Safe journey!

  8. We were glad to finally meet you two. Just too bad we couldn't get it together to visit somemore. Who knows maybe in Sask. this summer. drive carefully.


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