Saturday, March 2, 2013

Palm Springs, Ca

We traded in our gravel spot in Yuma, for a bit more green in Palm Springs.

We stumbled upon this resort last year, and decided that we would have to stay for a month this year.

This resort is called Outdoor Resort Palm Springs, and the only negative we can find is the exorbitant rate.  

Fifteen hundred dollars for one month is very steep, but we were willing to pay.  If you are a golfer, it is easier to justify the expense, but unfortunately, we are not.

We were excited for today, because our best pals Bob and Janet were making the two hour trek to come visit us.

It was interesting discussing each other's travels, and soon it was time for lunch.

We enjoyed a great BBQ meal under the hot sunshine.  The temperature today was in the mid 80's.

We needed to walk off our heavy lunch, so what better way than to show off all the amenities this resort has to offer.

Bob and Janet agreed with our wonderful reviews of this park.

All too soon, we were saying our good-byes as they had a long drive home over some mountainous terrain.

And to think we would have never met these great friends if not for this adventure we began last year.


  1. $1500 a month. For an RV parking spot? You sure you didn't make a typo?

  2. Looks like a nice place, thats where you took your header picture last year. Great to have friends drop in for a visit too.

    Fifteen hundred for one month, and I thought we were bad this year spending eight hundred dollars for resort fees in our six months down south this year.

    Of course we have membership resorts that have more than paid for themselves over the years.

    Enjoy Palm Springs.

  3. Nice looking RV Park. To choose to spoil oneself is clearly an individual choice. Enjoy your time in that stunning environment.

  4. most we paid so far was 1200 but that was a stay in the Florida Keys! Might do it again some day soon...

  5. Have you looked at the Sands? I follow another blog and this is where Rick and Paulette winter every year and seem to love it. And I believe by the website the fees are about half. I have been looking and dreaming for when we are able to retire.

    Enjoy the sunshine

  6. The flowers are so pretty. I need some flowers around here to cheer up the long winter we had.

  7. Yes we have camped there and love it but we had a free 4 night coupon. Love how some of the golf carts match the RV's and some drive around at happy hour with a drink in their hand.

    You can however find private rentals ( much less money per month ) to that park online and sometimes even in the laundry rooms, check the bulletin boards.

  8. You mean pesos - right?! Ouch - that's our tab for 6 months!

  9. We stayed there once but being poor BC'ers, we could only afford four days, ;)


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