Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Life's Ups and Downs

Well, like we hinted in a few previous posts, we have had some lows this winter.

I lost an Aunt, but it has been Teresa's side of the family that has experienced some tough times.

The Uncle she is closest too, was fighting for his life a few days ago, and we were looking into flights for her to get home pronto.

The next day, things were looking a little better, but then we found out that two other Uncles have received bad news regarding their health.

On top of that a friend of hers since school days, lost her battle with cancer at the age of 49.

Family members have told Teresa that she really doesn't need to come home right now, but we are ready to fly her home if the need arises.

Lately, during our long talks, we have been thinking that a large part of our being "homesick" this winter, has been a vague feeling of not belonging or of being misplaced some how.

We are thinking that part of this transition for us, is that we are newly retired, and are still trying to get our heads around not having a schedule and a purpose, outside of work.

Does any of that make sense ?   I sure hope so.

We do have some fun things planned for the rest of our stay here, so we are hoping not to hear any bad news from home.

Not only that but the temperatures this week are going to be in the mid 90's !!

Putting it all in perspective, we are reminded that life is fragile and short, which is why we worked so hard for an early retirement in the first place.

We are simply learning as we go.


  1. You are spot on - that does make sense. This is our third winter, and feel quite at home, no longer misplaced ( good word! ) and very much belonging.
    Yes, it takes a while. So hard to adjust to no schedule, and in fact, we are upset when there is one. Roll with it, Trent and Teresa.. and yes there are those who pass before us and we are sad, but sometimes those are the people who tell you to GO and life life to the fullest, while you can. Best wishes.

  2. So sorry to hear about the news. I think I know who the friend is - I feel for the Simrose's if I'm right. It's hard to be so far away.

    Life's ups and downs - exactly! Moving around doesn't lend itself to not feeling like you belong - however I bet all the friends you have met help with that.

    K and D are right also - life being so short reminds us to really live.

  3. We used to feel like that before we retired. What to do if we don't go to work?
    Now it's nice to have no schedule, do what we want when we want.
    Meet lotsa people on the road, and plan excursions, explore new places and return to places we enjoy.
    Again lets do it while we can, someday this lifestyle will not be an option.

  4. We wish you guys were here with us so that we could give you a big hug. Trust me when I suggest that Life is short and you only go around once. I know all the cliche's but they are true.
    Live life to the fullest, all the time, every day. Every loved one who goes on before us would tell us the same thing.
    We sure hope that you feel part of us when we are together, because you do belong for sure. There is a tiny bit of a "lost" feeling when we are alone but the smmiling face of a friend is sometimes the best medicine for that.
    We send you much love and a huge cyber hug!

  5. To feel the way you do now is not unusual. Changing one's routine - following a lifetime of busy responsibilities with family and work, and being away from friends and family - does take time. Retirement can be a life changing transition but it is usually surmountable. We feel you two will find the right path. The rewards (shared by so many who RV travel in retirement) is quite evident.

    Sending hugs and wishing you the very best in the direction(s) you take. Others have walked in your shoes.

  6. You make lots of sense. After being programed for so many years to get up go to work and come home raise a family and so on. Now you have earned your vaction but it doesn't just come so easy. Yes it takes some getting used to. A year of bad and sad things can take its toll too. It will get better. I made it. :)

  7. definitely make sense...after being programmed and scheduled for so long..I had a hard time adjusting so I just kept practising 'retirement' definitely takes some getting used to...sorry to hear of the family health issues..


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