Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Our Time is Winding Down

Our month in Palm Springs is now down to the last few days.

I brought our camera with me on my morning walk to capture some of these moments.

Last year we met a wonderful couple in Gold Canyon, that we immediately bonded with.

After we parted with them, Teresa and I carried on to Palm Springs, to this park.

We told John and Irene about this Shangri-La, and that we were sure they would love it to.

We were very excited when last summer they emailed us, and said they were coming here this winter based on our recommendation.

Suddenly, we got a little nervous, thinking what if they did not like it.  Naw, that would be impossible.

So when we pulled in March 1st, we were anxious to hear their verdict.

They LOVE it, and are coming back next year !!

We have enjoyed Happy Hours together, and last night they totally spoiled us by picking up some delicious Chinese food, their treat.

Every time we get together with them, the hours fly by, and we are always shocked at how quickly the evening disappears.

Part of our discussion last night, was just how friendly the Americans are with us Canadians, and in particular, how friendly RV'ers are with each other.

There is no doubt in our mind that we have made friends for life with these amazing folks.

The last few pictures are of our site.  Every site in this park is great, but one thing we really enjoy about this one is the privacy we have with our hedges.

Another bonus which is perhaps even greater than the privacy, is the fact that we are protected from the winds.

We have not even had to put our awning up yet this whole month.

That is very rare, no matter where you are.

Well, I better get to work as we slowly start cleaning everything up, reorganize a few storage bins, and prepare for the trek north.


  1. Beautiful looking place.It is amazing the people we meet and the friendships that are made.Safe travels back to the great north and Tim's we pull the jacks and slides next Wednesday to start the journey.

  2. It's been fun following you this season. I hope you continue your blog when you get home. Have a safe trip back.

  3. Wow, looks like a great place to stay. I hope you have safe travels back home and thanks for the great pictures.

  4. yep, how could they not like it there?

  5. Looks pretty nice for sure but I think a but pricey for us.

    We enjoy the open spaces and and meeting new people along the road is always fun.

    Looks perfect for you guys thou.

    Soon be on the road to a new adventure.

    Travel safe.

  6. Yes, the winter travel is waning and snowbirds are returning home.

    We did get to visit the RV Park you are in. Friends of ours just completed their purchase of a site there only last week. They are now the proud owners and look forward to moving their coach in there next November.

  7. I don't know anyone who would not like it there!

  8. Was great to follow you once again.
    Be safe on the road to home and family.
    I'll be checking on your thru the summer.

  9. Not sure when you are leaving but safe travels.


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