Saturday, March 23, 2013

Hiking Tahquitz Canyon Falls

Ever since Teresa said we should try to do something every day, we have been busy.

Today was another wonderful adventure.

We were out of the rig by a little after 9 AM, clearly a record for TnT.

Our hike today was literally on the edge of Palm Springs.

Again, there was a $10 per person charge, but if it goes to protecting our natural resources, we don't mind.

After watching a 15 minute video we were ready to go.

At the last second, we decided to go on the ranger led hike, rather than the self guided walk, and we were very glad we did.

You see, normally, we just walk along looking at the plants and rocks and think, hmmm this is pretty.

But what we learned today could fill a small book on the native way of life regarding food, medicine, housing, and spirituality.

Our guide was excellent and gave us a little glimpse into what life was like for his ancestors.

We learned about the different colors on the rocks, and what might have caused it.  

We learned how one plant could mean food, medicine, and shelter for people.

Not only was our guide informative, but he was very funny as well, and had us all laughing a time or two.

And finally you are rewarded with the sight and sound of a 60 foot waterfall at the furthest point.

Some brave folks waded into the water, and said their feet became numb from the freezing water.

The water comes from snow melt further up the mountain.

The whole hike was a little over two hours, but much of that time was spent stopped while our guide explained what we were seeing.

This was our first guide led hike, but I think it will not be our last.

Wonder what tomorrow will bring !!


  1. Wow! what a nice day, enjoyed hearing about the tour and enjoyed seeing all the beautiful pic's.

  2. We really enjoy guided tours, you miss so much otherwise. Glad you enjoyed the day!

  3. I have never been on a guided tour sounds like something I might have to try. Learning the proper names of things or how they came to be would help me know what I am talking about. lol
    The water fall had to be the best.

  4. Sounds like you had a nice tour. I love hearing about how the native indians used the plants for food and medicine.

  5. This is one hike we have not been on. It will have to go on our 'to do' list. I think the guided tour was a good idea too. To learn from those in the know is always good.

  6. nice to take a guided walk on occasion...

  7. Getting out and exploring is a great way to enjoy the many sights to see.

  8. Sounds like you had the perfect tour guide. Up that early and out the door....amazing!


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