Friday, March 15, 2013

Hot - 97F !!

Thank you to everyone who left comments and emailed us with encouragement over yesterday's post.

We find comfort and wisdom from those who have more experience than us in long term travel.

We received news that Teresa's Uncle is stabilized and that a trip home is not necessary at the moment.

With that said, and because it was an overwhelming 97 F, we wanted to get out this evening, and have some fun and distraction.

Since it was a Thursday, it was an easy decision to go to the Palm Springs Village Fest.

This street fair is held every Thursday from 6 pm to 10 pm.

A bonus for us was the Forever Marilyn statue on this strip, and we have been meaning to check it out.

There were lots of people waiting to get a chance to have their photo taken with Marilyn, so that is a stranger on the left, with Teresa on the right.

We knew it was going to be busy, because of the searing temperature during the day, and the perfect evening weather.

Teresa looked at most of the jewelry booths, but did not find exactly what she was looking for.

As for me, I was interested in the food vendors.

We shared a Gyro, some toffee, and some ice cream.

And for another "it's a small world" moment, we met two sets of blogging friends this evening.

First was Rene and Jeanette . We have traveled the same path as these two, and were in Gold Canyon, Yuma and now Palm Springs at the same time !!

Later, we were tapped on the shoulder and immediately recognized Don from Kim and Don .  

This was the first time we met these wonderful folks in person, but we had frequented each other's blogs over the last few years.

We appreciated the encouragement and hugs we received from all of these great people.

RV'ers are a special bunch, that really care about each other.

Hopefully, we will have a chance to get together in the next few days.


  1. That is hot! There is another great RVing couple down your way. Rick and Paulette are also in Palm Springs. You should check out their blog

  2. The great thing about rver's and bloggers is never know where you might run into them. We know of two other couples in Desert Hot Springs, Catalina spa.
    Looks like you enjoyed the street fair and awesome weather.

  3. Good to hear Teresa's uncle is stablized.
    Pictures show lots of fun things going on.

  4. So much fun running into people you know even when you are far away from home. Looked like a nice evening at the street market. As for yesterdays blog I can relate to your feelings as we have had our ups and downs this past year also.

  5. good to hear your uncle is stabilized...always nice to meet other rvers ins't it...

  6. It was a pleasant surprise to meet up at the Palm Springs Street Fair. The hot, hot weather brought out people in droves...but it was a fun evening.


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