Thursday, November 17, 2011

Abbeville, Louisiana - Betty's RV Park

We recorded our earliest start yet.  We were on the road with our friends a few minutes before 9:00 am.  I could get used to following along in a caravan, as it was so relaxing knowing our lead vehicle, driven by Ed and Marilyn, would guide us straight to our next stop.

All I had to do was follow Bob and Janet's beautiful Mobile Suites 5th wheel in front of me.  This led to a conversation about how homey a 5th feels, and maybe one is in our future.  We'll see.

When you are part of a caravan of three, there is a good chance that someone is not going to make it through a set of traffic lights, but fortune was smiling on us, as that was not an issue today. Mind you, a couple of those yellows had me flooring my mighty 10 cylinder motor to keep us legal !!

We arrived at Betty's around noon.  After hugs and handshakes, we were all parked up, and ready to eat.  We are in the heart of Cajun country, and although there are a number of great restaurants, we headed to Suire's, well known for their delicious offerings.

Their tasty offerings are written
on the outside of store front
C'mon ladies, we're hungry !!

Inside, half the store is grocery items, and the other side is where they have five or six tables for eating.  It is like taking a step back in time, and Janet and Marilyn both said it reminded them of their family stores when they were growing up.

We noticed on the wall an article from the New York Times, reporting on the excellent food available here.

Bob and Janet trying to be patient
waiting for their food
Marilyn and Ed are all smiles, because they
have been here before, and know what to expect

Teresa and I have never had gumbo before, and when it was brought out, all you could hear was us moaning about the tastefulness of this new found treasure. 

In fact, a lot of today's meal was new to us.  We had catfish, shrimp and crab cakes, deep fried oysters, and crayfish etouffee.  Of course the deep fried shrimp and french fries we have had before ... LOL.

We all enjoyed our meals ( understatement ), and Teresa even bought some shrimp and crab gumbo to put in our freezer to be enjoyed at a later time.

Don't let the styrofoam plates, and plastic cutlery fool you, the food is the main attraction here, and you will not go away hungry or disappointed.

We filed back into our vehicles, all rubbing our over-stuffed tummies, and came home to change into some looser fitting clothes.

Betty is famous for her happy hours, so at 4:30 we all made our way over for a nice visit with a cold beverage.  We enjoyed getting to know some other RV'ers from other parts of the States, and they had a lot of questions for these two wide-eyed Canadians as well.

We returned to our rig, only to agree that we were still full, so for supper, we had a piece of pecan pie that we had bought from Suire's.  It too was very, very good.

It has really cooled off tonight, so we are looking forward to snuggling and sleeping off all this food !


  1. sounds like you had yet another successful day..travelling and eating!!..perfection!!

  2. You sure are braver than I am with trying all those new foods !

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  4. Another great day exploring and tasting, such a wonderful way to enjoy Cajun country. So close to Avery Island hope you plan to stop there and tour the Tabasco factory.

  5. if you go to Avery Island don't eat the Tabasco ice cream! Jim said it was awful I love gumbo, seafood gumbo, chicken gumbo, sausage and crab gumbo......yum

  6. Ah, the food, how do they get that many flavors in a single dish? You must try an Oyster Po'Boy before you leave the Gulf!

  7. Hi Teresa and Trent,
    Wow, you are seeing new places and at same time spending time with wonderful friends. So jealous of you two but very happy at the same time. Keep enjoying as I can tell you are.
    Forgot to tell you guys its Auntie Pat & Uncle Dennis.

  8. You better walk twice tomorrow with all that food!
    Looks yummy but fattening!

    So jealous!



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