Friday, November 11, 2011

Another Fantastic Couple of Days

Today is Remembrance Day in Canada, and Veteran's Day in the United States.  We are eternally grateful to those brave men and women who have sacrificed so much, for our freedom.  We will never forget !!

It looks like we are growing roots here.  We are sure enjoying our stay at this park. 

And it's not like we are just lazing around or anything.  I have been busy working on the rig, and Teresa is nesting, she has pictures out, and candles and ornaments in place.

The funny thing is we have been here five days already, and still haven't wandered over to the casino.  Yet, we see other campers arrive, and they hastily set up camp, then jump in their vehicles and drive straight over to the casino. 

Yesterday, the temp was fairly cool, so I decided to wash and wax the motorhome.  I didn't realize I was getting a sunburn until I came inside for my shower.  That's the second time for me.

Today, Teresa was reading in the sun, and came in with rosy red cheeks.

Now, any RV'er out there will know that you are always fixing something on your unit.  It is a part of this lifestyle.  When your home is bouncing down the highway for hours on end, something is bound to give/break/fail.

And so it was last night.  We were lounging around in the evening, with a couple of lights on, when they started to flicker.  Then the flickering turned into full off/on mode.  Before we could even reach for the wall switch, the fuse blew, and we only had power to half the motorhome.

We slept a little nervously, because we knew that there was a short somewhere.  Even with a blown fuse, we weren't sure what else might happen.

Today I took the offending light down from the ceiling and realized how lucky we were that the carpet on the roof didn't burn.  It was a little scorched, but not too bad.

It appears that some wood splinters from the cut out in the ceiling shook loose and landed on the electrical connections, and were starting to burn.

This is the underside of the light fixture, placed on the floor

After a good cleaning, I put the light back into place, found a new fuse, and Voila, we had lights again.  But then I got to thinking. Hmmm.... I wonder if the other ceiling lights are okay or not.  Better not take a chance so I removed them all.

Good thing I did, because they all had some degree of  sawdust on them, and some were showing signs of scorching.  By the time I finished cleaning them and screwing them back up on the ceiling, the afternoon was gone, and it was time for supper.

I brought out our Weber, and cooked up some smokies.  They were so good with Teresa's fixin's, and a cold drink.

Oh, by the way, we have now completed our 4th straight day of power-walking after our morning coffee.  I guess that means we can have more munchies for movie time tonight !!


  1. Power walking is good! Great to see you are pro active on the lights. I changed out all my lights as part of my renovations. I highly recommend LED lights, they don't burn as hot and they last longer.
    Next up, check lines for leaking!
    Movie time is a great way to end a great day!


  2. good thing the light shorted out!..lucky!!

  3. Shorting out stuff is scary especialy when you didn't know it was happening. I got lucky once too. Mine was a bad install on the inverter for the solor. Wires were not installed tight enough and bouncing around made the giggle around until they touched each other....sizzle
    Take care and enjoy your stay.

  4. Isn't it just great to settle in one spot for a week or so , relax, putter around and enjoy the area. Good thing the fuses are there and that you are able to check things out yourself, like you said always something to take care of.

  5. love the new picture! having an RV is just like owning a home. still have to do all the maintenance and upkeep! we don't gamble but we do join the players clubs because you just might get a free meal out of it!

  6. Good for you in being so deligent about finding the problem in the lights. Time seems to pass much quickly while relaxing.

  7. Lucky you caught that Trent! It could have been a disaster. I have not heard of that problem before. Maybe I should stick the shop vac in all of mine and see what comes out.


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