Wednesday, November 9, 2011

A Full Day

Our morning started off as usual.  Coffee, conversation, and scheming.  We have both noticed that our clothes are a little tighter fitting  these days, so Teresa insisted that we start to power walk. 

Funny thing.  One of the things we were looking forward to on this journey, was walking and hiking, and maybe even shedding a few pounds.  Well, that has not been the case.  We feel like we are on vacation mode, so every evening we are watching movies, and having some kind of munchies. 

I think once we start spending more time in one place, we will be able to start up an exercise routine. 

So, with Teresa in the lead, we zigged and zagged through the park for about a 30 minute walk.  With the cooler temperatures today, it felt quite invigorating.

I brought out our lawn chairs, and we enjoyed a coffee in the warm sunshine.  We were in shorts and T-shirts, and as long as we were in the sun we were very comfortable.

This park allows campers to wash their rigs on site.  A lot of parks don't, so we wanted to take advantage of this.  While my bride busied herself inside, I started on the car.

Oh, brother.  While we were in Hannibal, Missouri, a truck in front of us spilled its contents of liquid asphalt sealer all over the highway.  It was impossible for me to avoid it completely, and one side of our silver car was caked with the stuff.  Luckily, we were not in the motorhome at the time.

I brought out my bottle of Bug n' Tar remover, and hoped for the best.  Just as I thought, this stuff is not going to come off without a lot of blood, sweat and tears.  I spent entirely too long and the results were so-so.  Darn.

I waved my little white flag, and decided that we will have to live with it.  I washed the rest of the car, and it isn't that bad, I guess.

Next, I brought out my awning cleaner, and tackled that job.  The worst part of that job is using a brush over your head, with the soapy solution running into my eyes and face. Yuck.

By this time it was nearly supper, so we decided to bring out our Weber BBQ, and I made pork chops.  I googled how long to cook them, and was surprised that they only needed about 6 minutes.  I was a little apprehensive taking them off that soon, but Teresa said they were the best we have ever had.  I guess I was always over cooking them before. Huh.

Teresa came back from doing the laundry, just in time for us to make popcorn and watch our favorite TV show - Survivor.

We are going to go to bed early tonight, so that we will be in fine shape for our "power-walk" tomorrow !


  1. enjoy the powerwalk tomorrow!..and the popcorn tonight!!

  2. popcorn is good if you get the lower fat or fat free. I know its not as good but it works better. Get some I can't believe its not butter spray it doesn't have any calories and it is just like butter. honest :)The power walking is good for your to. Ah do I Ah I walk I'm old and broken.

  3. Looks like you are settling in and getting things done. Wash the car and the rig all in one day, laundry and power walking, hmm need to pace yourself, what will you do tomorrow power walk all day? I love cooking on the Weber, fast and even heat and pork chops cooked to perfection are so tender and tasty.

  4. Hi Trent and Teresa, I miss you guys and love your blog. I am so jealous of the nice weather you guys have but only around 50 sleeps, I will be in Cuba:) Take care and keep the blogs coming. xoxox Tamara

  5. I have a Weber Q120 and it would be perfect for an RV. Is that what kind if grill you have?

    Todd n Texas

  6. HmmmmI think it the wine is the culprit of too many tight clothes but don't give it up....just walk faster.

    I can hardly wait till you join us here in much fun in our futures.

  7. Sounds like heaven to me, better than sitting in a cubicle all day making stupid decisions!


  8. Another real nice barbecue to have is the coleman roadtrip. It is a full size barbeque that has wheels and folds up for easy storage but easy to move as well. You can also buy the accessory for a breakfast grill which is great for bacon and eggs. Will show you when we meet in spring. Haven't started a blog yet though. Will do that when we sell house in end of January and do our full time RV'ing. Can't wait. Miss you guys and glad you are having a great time. It isn't too bad weather wise right now. Snow all melted and driving to Calgary to see our kids the temp last nite was 8 celsius so actually pretty nice. And snow is gone.... For now.... :)


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