Friday, November 18, 2011

Cajun Swamp Tour

A few days ago, when we were making plans to meet with our present friends, Ed mentioned going on a swamp tour, and would we like to join them.

I told Teresa this is something I thought we would enjoy, when immediately her eyes widened, and she said NO.  Awww, c'mon honey, there is no way an alligator is going to get you, and who knows when we will get a chance to do this again, and especially with these great friends, and .....

Well, the more I tried to make her change her mind, the further she dug in her tiny little heels. 

Fast forward to today, and I am happy and proud to report that my little bride surprised us all by kicking and screaming agreeing to go.

And what a perfect day it was.  The sun was shining making it quite warm for our drive to Lake Martin.  We both had our windows unrolled for the last little jaunt to the swamp, when I asked Teresa to watch in the wet ditches, for 'gators.  You should have seen how fast she rolled up her window, which had me in stitches !!

We soon arrived and met our guide, Brian Champagne. He was so interesting to listen to, and we really learned a lot about the eco system in these wetlands.

We soon headed out in his aluminum boat, and because the water level is low, we kept bottoming out, and banging into fallen tree stumps.  I was aware that something was tugging on my sweater, and realized Teresa was hanging on for dear life.

Brian was constantly teaching us about the plants, birds, and reptiles that call this area home.

We saw many turtles sunning themselves, today.

Of course, we were all looking for the alligators, and we did see three today, but they were all pretty skiddish, and didn't let us get too close for photos, but I did manage this picture.

Sorry, this is the best photo I have of the illusive Gator
He jumped in the water as soon as I snapped

Even though we never got to see as many gators as we had hoped, Brian made it so much fun, and so interesting, that we really had a great time on the water.

By the time we got off the boat, we had spent about an hour and a half on the water.  Great value for the $20.00 each that we paid.

Safely on shore, I asked Teresa how she was doing.  Well, the poor dear said she was terrified at times, and every muscle in her body was sore from being so tense !!

Well, alrighty then, we all know that she loves to eat, so how about we go to Riverfront restaurant for something to eat. 

We were soon sitting on the outside deck, talking about all we had seen earlier, and all having a great time.  On Fridays, the margarita's are only 3 dollars each, so Teresa and I  couldn't possible say no to that deal.

We each ordered two different meals, and agreed ahead of time that we would share the tasty offerings.

 I thought I was going to burst, but that didn't stop me from having even more !!  We have not eaten this good two days in a row, in a very long time.

Once again, we skipped supper, and had a piece of fresh pecan pie for a bedtime snack.

That should guarantee sweet dreams, right ??


  1. sweet dreams for sure!!..pecan pie two days in a row..delicious!!

  2. This is a great time of year to see the swamps because there are not as many mosquitoes. Your dinner looked great!

  3. Nice that you got to do a swamp tour and enjoy too much food, a good time of year for that.

  4. I would have been scared too, don't blame her for not wanting to do. Those gators can get pretty big down there!

    Great food, making me hungry again.

    You will need to walk at least 5 miles tomorrow for that caloric intake!


  5. I am so proud of you, Teresa! Remember Trent will always protect you, so nothing will happen! Love you's, MWAAAA


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