Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Memphis = Graceland

I am sure that you would agree with us that when you mention Memphis, everyone thinks of Graceland and Elvis.

We had a perfect day to visit today.  Temperature was in the low 70's, and crowds were at a minimum.

Admission price is $35.00 each, but our campground gave us a coupon for a discount of $8.00.  Parking was an additional $10.00. 

Pricey yes, but really, there is no way you can miss an opportunity like this.  We spent over three hours there, so in that perspective, it is not too bad.

You are given headphones, that guide you through the tour, at your own speed.  Sometimes, it is in Elvis's voice, and at other times Lisa Marie narrates.

Our first impression was whoa, this is small !!  But considering Elvis was only 22 years old when he bought it, I am sure it was a true mansion at that time.

Walking through the home, you realize that everything is in a time warp, and you are taken back to the 70's.

It doesn't take long, until you are completely overwhelmed by how this musician and actor impacted the world.

There are literally hundreds and hundreds of Gold Records, awards, plaques, and tributes.  He really is the King !!

The tour takes you to one of Elvis's favorite spots on the grounds, the meditation garden.  He would spend hours here, enjoying the peaceful quietness, in contrast to his busy life.

It is also here where he is buried.  There were a few tears shed by some, as we respectfully paid our respects.

Only 42 years old....

After visiting Graceland, you are taken across the street to a museum featuring some of his many cars.  My mouth was drooling, and Teresa had to keep me from trying to jump over the barrier ropes.

And the famous pink Cadillac that he bought for his Mom, is on display.

The tour then takes you to his two jets.  The large jet is called the Lisa Marie, and it was totally customized to Elvis's specs.

The cutest ever stewardess...

Elvis also owned a small jet that would speed him off to his next commitment.

Hey Teresa, I think I see the keys in this thing !!

Like I said, if there is any doubt that Elvis is the King, by the time you see all his accomplishments laid out before you, and realize that over 600,000 fans come to Graceland each year, there is no room for doubting.

To end our day, we had a fantastic supper at Red Lobster, and then we came home to talk about our wonderful experience.  And yes, we enjoyed a glass of wine !


  1. :) we were there in 2010....you just can't go to memphis and not visit graceland..its something everyone should do 'once'..for sure...where are you staying? We were parked at the agri center...Odel and Laurie were parked there at the same time..Laurie was away but we got to meet odel :)...enjoy the area..we have a daughter who lives in the area ...

  2. what a great tour of Graceland..when I first saw the topic...my first thought was..oh...but now I am so glad I read to the end!!..now this is one place that we will add to our list of must see's with all the other 599,999 visitors!!

  3. Great tour. I heard it was small from someone else. But yes it was still a mansion in those days for Elvis. Heck it would be a mansion to me in this day.
    Thanks for sharing

  4. Great post on Graceland and for putting it all in perspective. You guys are doing great and obviously having a great time.

  5. Like you Said Memphis=Graceland. Even if you were not an Elvis fan it is still a great tour. Really a large piece of American music history. Glad you enjoyed it.

  6. Excellent review and the photography is super! Thanks to you, we will add this place to our bucket list!

    Kit & Nancy Carter

  7. We were at Graceland last year and as you say you can't go to Memphis without going to Graceland and we are glad that we did but we found it hard to justify the price we paid. We did it once but that will be the only time, as I say we are glad that we did go it. He was an amazing singer and he certainly racked up the gold records. Glad you enjoyed your visit.

    Kevin and Ruth

  8. Wow, to be able to say you've been there! Mom was with you
    on this one! Love you both!

  9. Just one comment - you were in Memphis and ate at Red Lobster!! lol.


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