Wednesday, November 2, 2011

A Vacation Day from our Touring

Well, we were supposed to pack up and leave today, but I wandered over to the office and asked if they would honor our 1/2 price Passport America rate for one more day.  Yes sir !!

With that, we set up our awning, brought out our favorite chairs, and relaxed in the sun.  Man, what a great day we had, too.

It has been 3 weeks since we retired, and we are still learning as we go.  One thing for sure, it is pure luxury not to wake up to a screeching alarm clock.  We go to bed about 10 pm, and get a solid 9 or 10 hours of sleep.  We wake when we are rested.

But this morning, we were still a little tired.  Crazy, I know, but we decided to take today off and do nothing.  It was pure heaven.  We had lunch and supper outside, and watched the sunset in the comfort of our loungers.

We have just finished watching our favorite TV show, Survivor, thanks to the free cable the park provides.

And now a lesson for all my Canadian friends.  Yes, you can still get a sunburn on your balding head, even in November !!


  1. better break out the sunscreen!..god only made a few perfect heads..the rest he covered with hair!..better protect that perfect head!!

  2. Sometimes a day off from being retired is needed.

  3. Sometimes a day of nothing is exactly what one needs. Can't wait until I get one of those days

    The blog is great...keep it up!

    Todd Rockin

  4. Yes you need to learn to sit and relax. You don't have to see everything the first time out.
    I am heading out tomorrow for a few days and I plan on sitting around and waiting for stuff to take pictures of to come to me. I wonder how that will work? We shall see.

    Take another day off if they will honor your PA.

  5. You have to take a ' day off' once in a while, otherwise you are too much in tourist mode. We still have to catch ourselves when we get running around trying to 'see it all'!

  6. You are not on vacation any more, you are retired. We take "down days" all the time and yes, it is great to have no more alarm clocks!

  7. Retirement is great and like ourselves this coach is out home for almost 6 years, can't be a tourist everyday, we just enjoy the areas and the weather we are in, relax and maybe tour once a week or so. Leave more to see when you return to areas you like.

    It may take a while to get out of the work mode, just stop and smell the roses. The simple things in life are great too. Enjoy!

  8. I dare say you guys are tired !! I'm exhausted just reading the distance you've travelled so far and all you have been doing !!

    BTW, Did you know you can watch all your favourite TV shows on your computer for FREE ?

    I have FOUR TV's in my rig and don't turn one of them on. I watch all my favourite shows on the computer - and no commercials !!

  9. Not crazy at all...we used to travel 350-400 miles a day when moving to a new location. Now we are down to under 200, many days it's under 100. That's what's great about retirement!!! ENJOY!


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