Monday, November 14, 2011

Hot and Humid

Coming from the prairies of Saskatchewan, we sure are not used to this hot moist air.  This morning we awoke to a fogged in wonderland.

Compare this photo to yesterdays photo !!

It was so calm and quiet, we felt like we were all alone.  And the air, well, it is so heavy that it sometimes feels difficult to draw a deep breath.

The fog lifted in a couple of hours after the sun came up, but when we went for our walk this morning, you could have wrung our shirts out.

The people we have met have been super friendly.  Folks walking, and on bicycles will stop and sit and talk.  They like to know more about where we live in Canada, but so far anyway, none have asked if we live in igloos ... LOL. 

After our showers, we jumped in the car to find a Walmart to get stocked up for our next few days of fun with friends.  We laughed on the way, saying this is the first time we have had to drive to Walmart in a month.  Usually, we just open the front door of our motorhome, and there it is !!

When we got back, we hated to do it, but we closed all the windows, and put on the AC. 

Tonight is all work and no play.  We are calculating our expenses ( we do this monthly, and have for years and years ), reorganizing the rig again, and reviewing our bills and credit card expenses. 

All this is made easy, thanks to on-line banking.  We marvel at how people did it before all this technology.  Speaking of technology, we Skyped both of our kids last night.  It is so nice to hear and SEE them.  Our video quality wasn't that great, but hey, I don't look that good in hi-def anyway !!

Our grandaughter is starting to talk more and more, and is even starting to count to three.  Yes siree, we are pretty proud, and I know Teresa was fighting back tears when our little pumpkin' said "yuv you".

Tomorrow is a travel day, so please stay tuned....


  1. You may find the humity all along that route, Sorry. I am so used to not much here in Southern AZ. But when we get the monsoons its bad.
    OH those babies and their first everything. But you do have the ability to at least see her even if it isn't all that great video.

  2. Skype is definitely the best thing ever !!

  3. the modern technology is a great way to stay in touch!!..and see the kids too..just think in the old days it was a payphone or a postcard!!..

  4. Hot and humid works for us, makes ya slow down, stay in the shade, relax with a book and drink plenty of fluids. Perfect for our lifestyle.
    And just have to love the internet, email, online banking and skype, we can be on the road and still be home at the same time.

  5. Such a difference a day makes in the weather. Glad you are having fun.

  6. Hot and humid here too! just north of San Antonio - something to get used to - guess it will be that way - esp since we are headed where you are in the next month or so....

    Have a good time in New Orleans!

  7. skype is wonderful isn't it...sure beats the pay phone...have a super day tomorrow....


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