Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Paragon Casino RV Resort

From yesterday's post, some folks have been asking where we are staying.  It is the Paragon Casino RV Resort in Marksville, LA.  They offer full hookups, fast Wifi, cable, a pool, a billiards room, a very clean laundromat, and free shuttle service to the casino. 

Their regular rate is an unbelievably low $17.00 per night, but with our Passport America membership, we are totally taking advantage of them by paying only $8.50 per night, for our maximum allowed stay of 5 nights.

By the way, Passport America is only $44.00 per year, so a person can easily recoup their membership fee.

Don't ask us where the day went, it seems like we just finished our coffee time, and now here it is, evening already.

We did sleep in a little later than usual, even for us.  Then I put some soft music on our CD player, and we enjoyed a nice conversation, while drinking our coffee in bed.  The big discussion today, was whether or not we will make the trip to New Orleans. 

When I told a fellow RV'er our plan to go to Nawlin's, he advised against it, saying there has been innocent people hurt in some of the turf wars going on.  On the other hand, if we keep our senses alert, I am sure we will be just fine. 

Since it is nearly three hours out of the way, plus three hours back, this equals a full tank of gas ( about $150.00 ).  We are still chatting about it, but now it is over a glass of vino !!

Another first for us, was sleeping with the windows open last night.  We fell asleep with a gentle cool breeze lulling us to sleep.  Nice.

Today was the last of our hot days.  We hit 80, but the next few days are going to cool down to the mid 60's.  Believe it or not, we are ready for a cool down, because with the humidity, we have been a little too hot.  I even had two showers today !!

We are freshly showered, and in our "comfy" clothes.  We are looking forward to a movie and munchies, then off to bed.  Maybe tomorrow we will be able to account for our day....LOL.


  1. Hi guys! We will be heading east in Dec. but will probably circle around New Orleans - just not really interested - although we talk about it too. We are looking forward to the Gulf Coast area though. However, both Kevin and Ruth and Operation Explorations (and I am sure a host of other bloggers) have been to Nawlin's and seemed to have a good time. We are also going to make our way at some point to Port Lavaca TX - I read that Magnolia Beach is free to park - you might want to put it on your list! You are just north of New Iberia and Avery Island though - you might want to head there - Kevin and Ruth toured the Tobasco Factory - we will definitely head there! Maybe you can then head along route 82 along the coast and let us know what it is like - ha ha :)

  2. I say go, watch your back and have some fun. Not every day you get to hit new orleans!
    I wish I was there with you, would drag you out there! LOL

    Take care, stay safe and am so jealous, coffee in bed!!!!!!!!!

  3. sounds like a great day!!..sleep well!!

  4. Travel on down in your RV, stay in one of the two Louisiana state parks on the North Shore of Lake Ponchatrain, Fairview-Riverside or Fountainbleau, and enjoy the experience. It is worth the trip if you have never been. Stay in the tourist areas during daylight hours and you will be fine. We take friends down there all the time and have never had a problem. Your biggest problem will be the traffic getting to a parking area near the Riverwalk and French Quarter. You can then travel on West via I-10 or experience the Cajun country on Hwy 90. Have fun.......jc

  5. Just love N'awlins and the French quarter. We have been many times, stay on the north shore, drive across the causeway and park by the riverwalk. We like to get there before noon and wander about for a few hours and have a nice lunch, check the shops, restaurants. Saturdays and sundays are the best days to go lots more going on, try and avoid a day that the Saints are playing, less traffic, home before dark, safer that way.

  6. what a great day you had...nothing nicer than sleeping with the windows open...and coffee in bed...we can't wait to hit the road...:)

  7. Couple of things to think about. New Orleans was interesting and to walk around downtown (The French Quarter) is safe, can't say much for the rest of New Orleans. We stayed at Bayou Segnette State Park which was a great park but not really close to downtown if you don't have a car (can't remember if you have a toad or not). The bus routes are terrible there. There is a RV park right near the French Quarter which I hear is ideal for visiting downtown but is very expensive. Avery Island and the Tobasco Factory was great. Loved their samples in the gift shop. Also as Teresa said Magnolia Beach was a great free camping spot. Have fun!

    Kevin and Ruth


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