Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Back to Mexico

We had such a great time in Mexico yesterday, we decided a repeat performance was in order.

This time we had an agenda.  

Go directly to the restaurant, go to the pharmacy, go to the liquor store, and finally go to the end of the line to cross back.

We love eating on the outside patios wherever we go

Our waiter from yesterday, Caesar, was wonderful again.  He remembered our favourite drinks, and brought out our chips and salsa.

Caesar knows how to please us

If you go to the La Parrilla, you owe it to yourself to try the Hawaiian Shrimp.  

Bacon wrapped jumbo shrimp

The entertainer was playing a bunch of our favourites, and in fact we bought a few of his CD's, to remind us of our visit.

Marilyn and Ed with their new glasses

Bob and Janet with their new smiles

Teresa and Trent - nothing new here

While we were enjoying our lunch and drinks, Teresa made a decision that she wanted a couple of vases.

We asked our friends for some bartering advice and received a few good tips.

Armed with that knowledge, we confidently found a vendor with beautiful vases.

While Ed and Bob were telling the vendor the price was still too high, I was already paying a higher price than the guys were negotiating ... lol.

Tell me these aren't great looking vases

Oh man, I sure took some good natured ribbing about that one.

Teresa was in her glory, because she has been looking for a vase for our condo for nearly three years.

Oh ya, I forgot to mention that yesterday we bought two bottles of our most cherished alcoholic beverage - Amarula.

This is like Bailey's, but ten times better

The border crossing went much better today, with only about a forty minute wait.  We left earlier and that seemed to help.

Tonight is the premier of Survivor, and it looks like we will be having popcorn for supper.  

Another great day is in the books.


  1. I have a lot of fun bartering in Mexico, I usually start with 1/2 the asking price, just to see where it goes.
    We have been to a Restaurants there and always enjoyed the food and service.
    Yes Amarula is one of our favourites too.

  2. Yours was clearly another good day in Mexico. Nice vases and a very good libation choice too.

  3. Looked like another fun day south of the Border,the shrimp looks delicious. Nice choice on the vases. Today's border crossing sounded much better.

  4. Hope you both have a wonderful Valentines Day!

  5. Love the vases.....but what was the original asking pricer and what did you finally pay???

    Those shrimp here are called Imperial Shrimp, never heard of Hawaiian Shrimp this far south. Interesting drink choice, will have to meet you and try it.

    Happy you are having fun and yes other friends say it is easier going back into the USA earlier in the day.

  6. The vases are great. Good taste. My friend had one I tried to steal it but got caught.
    Glad the wait was so much shorter today.


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