Thursday, February 14, 2013

Bob's B'day = Good ; Ed & Marilyn Leave = Bad

Happy Valentine's Day to everyone !!

It doesn't matter what your relationship status is at the moment, everyone can celebrate love.

Today is also our best pal Bob's birthday !!

The guys had a plan to go touring today, while the ladies wanted to hit an indoor flea market.

Us guys headed to the Yuma Territorial Prison State Park.

The prison was in operation from 1876 until 1909.

It is a very interesting part of history and we learned a lot of facts.

There were a total of 3069 prisoners housed here over the years.

Part of that number were 29 female prisoners.

There were six people to a cell, with a small bucket for a latrine.

Not a place I would like to stay for sure !!

After our tour, we headed to the La Fonda Restaurant, which was Bob's choice as he is the Birthday boy.

The gals arrived shortly after us, and brightened up our table considerably.

We all get along so well together, that soon we were toasting and laughing at the days events.

This restaurant receives great reviews, and you can now add our six votes.

After lunch, we met at Bob and Janet's for happy hour.

We all enjoyed cold beverages, and Bob was very generous in sharing some chocolate covered strawberries he received as a gift.

We all had great fun watching Teresa "move in" to her new purse she bought today.

She is a great sport, and took all the kidding in stride.  In fact, she dished out a few jabs herself.

Now for the emotional part. 

Ed and Marilyn are heading back to Phoenix in the morning, and hinted to the fact that they might not be coming to Zion and Bryce next month.

This means we might not see them again until next winter.

They have become very close to us, and we hated to let them go, but we assured ourselves we will meet up again.

Yep, it is a reality of this lifestyle, that you will meet wonderful people, then have to move on down the road.

But, as witness to the tears in Teresa's eyes, knowing that reality doesn't make it any easier at the time. 


  1. Happy birthday to Bob..sad to say so long to dear friends..but remember your house has wheels and you can always go and visit!!
    ..moving into a new purse? I can relate to that!

  2. We have met so many people over the years, and run into them again sometimes when least expected.
    New friends and old friends and a fantastic lifestyle.
    Enjoy the weather.

  3. I see you all had a wonderful day together. And for dear friends to move on is hard.
    Been having a great time with some bloggers here too and when we move on for the summer it will be hard too. So we all including you and your friends go for the gusto while it lasts.
    Love to you both

  4. We've been to Yuma these past three years and still have not visited the old prison. We'll have to get to it!

    You two have had some fun times since your arrival in Yuma. To see good friends leave and to meet others is the good/bad part of RV life, as you suggest.

    We've arrived! We're now set up and looking forward to one month of fun in this area. We'll be in touch soon.

  5. The old prison looks like an interesting place to visit. Teresa, sure seems happy with her new purse. Looks like you have been finding lots of great Mexican food to enjoy with your friends, makes me realize that I better get my share before we head north as we can never seem to find any as good once out of the southwest. Hope that you have a great weekend!

  6. one of my favourite moves is into new purses :) you go girl...glad to see your having so much fun!!!

  7. FYI: In 1910 the Yuma prison, for three years, was the High School. Teachers conducted classes in the cellblock area and the school held assemblies in what had been the prison hospital.

    They are, to this day, called the Yuma Criminals.

    After the High School moved, it became the city jail.

    I lived in Yuma for eight years and to this day have NO idea how the kids could focus at that spot with the intense heat. The prison walls just hold that desert sun!

    Sheila :)


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