Saturday, February 2, 2013

Fellow Bloggers Rene and Jeanette Pop In

Teresa and I were having a pretty quiet Saturday morning, when I heard a motorcycle pull in to our site.

Teresa was outdoors, when I heard a voice say  "You don't know us, but we are Rene and Jeanette..... "

I leaped out of the motorhome, because I have been following their blog for a couple of years !!

Rene, Jeanette and me

What a great surprise !!  We enjoyed sitting outside getting acquainted, under the hot Arizona sun.

They are fellow Canadians, that have been snowbirding for about three years.  You can find their blog here RV Voyageur .

During our chat we discovered we have a lot of similarities.  Like us, they have a son and daughter, and also like us, they are new grandparents.

In fact, their daughter's family is coming for a visit in a few days, and Jeanette agreed to Teresa's begging to let her come and see and hold their little ten month old man.

We have been missing our family the last little while ... lol.

They are a great couple and are going to Yuma and Palm Springs at around the same time we are, so we are going to try and hook up for some more visits.

After that pleasant visit, we managed to get busy, then showered up before supper.

Teresa has been craving pizza, and since we had a coupon for Papa John's, we decided to give it a try.

The verdict ??  Very good, and we would definitely go back.

Just another great day in the valley.


  1. Thanks for being such gracious hosts when we popped in on you, unannounced. Jeanette and I both commented about our similar likes on RVing, in our non-works lives. It was a fun couple of hours well spent sitting and chatting in the sun.

    It was good meeting up and we look forward to future get togethers - here @ Canyon Vista and down the road in Yuma and Palm Springs.

  2. oh nice that you all got to meet....I'm jealous...:) enjoy

  3. Always fun to meet fellow bloggers, and put a real person to the name.

  4. What a perfect meeting of bloggers. Looking forward to hearing about Teresa's visit with the baby.

  5. Isn't it great meeting Bloggers we've followed for years ! Love it !

  6. The blogging world is actually a small and very friendly world, I think.


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