Sunday, February 10, 2013

Outdoor Flea Market

We had a date today with Bob and Janet, and the fun began when they picked us up in the morning.

I am not sure what it is about flea markets that attract so many of us, but I think it is the thought of finding some hidden treasure for dirt cheap !

Well, believe me, we searched high and low, and we did manage to find a few treasures, and the price didn't break the bank either.

Double bonus.

After a couple of hours of shopping, our rumbling stomachs were trying to remind us we were way past lunch time.

Bob took us to a restaurant that had great reviews and great food.

The only problem was Bob took a page out of Ed's playbook, and the restaurant was closed on Sundays ... lol.

When someone suggested Famous Dave's Bar-B-Que, we jumped on the chance to go as we had heard great things about it, but had never experienced it for ourselves yet.

Oh my, were our meals ever delicious !!

We will be back for sure.  

As an added bonus, when the waitress discovered this was our first visit, she notified the manager whom came over and welcomed us with a free bottle of Famous Dave's Rich and Sassy BBQ Sauce.

We thought that was a very nice touch.

After our meals, Bob and Janet gave us a quick tour of the Foothills area, and showed us some of the local stores.

We were back home by supper, and relaxed with a drink.

It was another great day with great friends !!


  1. Just love the Flea market there, we can walk it for hours, people watching and not spend a dime.
    Famous Daves is pretty good too.

  2. Now that food looked soooooo good. I sure hope I get there next winter. This staying put is making me crazy

  3. The flea market can be a treasure trove when you find something you really desire.

    The food looked good too. We have not been there but we'll note your thoughts on the food when we are looking around.

    Raindrops are falling, here in Canyon Vista, as I write this comment.


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