Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Los Algodones, Mexico

We were really excited for today to come, because our good friends Ed and Marilyn were arriving this morning.

They are staying in a hotel for a few days, so Bob and Janet, as well as us, met them at their hotel in the morning.  

The plan was to get them to Algodones, so they could get new glasses.

While they were getting fitted by the optometrist, the rest of us walked up and down the streets, checking out the wares.

It was quite busy, but we were able to move along pretty well.

Teresa has been looking for a new purse, and Bob is sure she squeezed every purse in all of Algodones.

Teresa is a softy, so this task was made more difficult for her, because she hates to say no to the hungry vendors.

When Ed and Marilyn were finished with their exams, we made a bee-line for a restaurant that had a great reputation.

La Parrilla is a little way off the main streets, but well worth the effort.

They even had a live entertainer who was quite good.

Our waiter, Caesar, was excellent, and made sure our drinks, chips, and salsa were always on hand.

We all had great meals, and agreed that this spot deserves a repeat visit.

Now for the only negative of the day.

The line up to return into the U.S. was nearly two and a half hours long.

Wow, our feet, legs, and backs were killing us by the time we got through customs.  When we went to Progresso, Mexico last year, the wait to cross back was only a few minutes.

We are thinking maybe an earlier return time might help with the long lines, but regardless, it was still a wonderful day.


  1. Always have fun there, the food, the people, cheap eyeglasses, drugs and alcohol.
    We have waited that long as well but, now when we go there first thing in the morning and head back by noon and usually maybe a short 10 minute wait.

  2. We were down there once when Bush II put on one of his phony "Alerts" and were stuck in that line for seven hours while they checked and double checked everyone crossing! It was great for the vendors though because by 9 it started getting very cold and the blanket salesmen were selling all the blankets they could find for ten times what they were selling for a few hours earlier! It was almost midnight when we got home that day.

  3. Yes, the key to avoiding long lines is to get in to Algadones early, and to leave early. It is an interesting place though, isn't it?

    Only today and tomorrow before we hitch up and head to Yuma.

  4. Looked like a nice visit and some nice looking Margaritas to boot. Boy that was some returning line. Have a great Wednesday!

  5. I hear that is a very popular town for eye, dental and RX. So maybe the line will always be that long. But look what great food and drinks you had and a nice sunny day to boot.

  6. We have also found Sundays are a good day for no crowds and short lines. Not all the vendors are open but it's still a good time.


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