Monday, February 18, 2013

The Foothills of Yuma

Yesterday we made the short move to the Fortuna Foothills.

This is a unique neighborhood  where you can have a house, or a casita, or just an RV lot.

Sorry for not letting everyone know we got moved safe and sound, but we have NO INTERNET.

Of course, we knew this ahead of time, but I was hoping for some kind of unsecured network.

It is very quiet and relaxing.  In fact, while I am here at McDonalds, Teresa is home reading.

I am low on battery power already, because I had a few days worth of blogs to read ... lol.

I am guessing that future posts will be hit and miss, unless I get a part time job at the local McDonalds!!


  1. I used to live on S.Apache Tears (Yuma, but towards the foothills). Your area looks so much like what that area did back in '85. However, the HOA would not allow anything but perm. structures. Their loss, yours looks like a nicer place to be!

  2. So you are saying that you guys are staying there awhile?

  3. We're at 49th and Chase Way in the area near you. We do not have your contact info but we believe you have ours.


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