Monday, February 18, 2013

Happy Birthday Mya, and Homesickness

Today is our Granddaughter's birthday !!

Where have those three years gone.

Speaking with our son this morning, it sounds like Mya had a great time at her birthday party.

Teresa is more than a little upset at missing this special day.

And so am I.

In fact, we need to come clean on something. 

We are suffering from homesickness this year.

As last year was our first year away, I think the excitement of following our dreams helped mask our feelings.

Well, except at Christmas last year.  There was no consoling Teresa as the tears freely flowed.

This year, even though we flew home for three weeks at Christmas, we are both thinking that maybe five or six months away is just too long.

Besides, now we have two grandchildren tugging at our hearts.

Many of you know that Teresa and I spend the first hour or so of each day having coffee in bed, while we talk about our lives.

More and more these talks have been about our future travels.  

We know our motorhome is too small to continue, but we are wondering if it is wise to spend more money on a larger motorhome, when we will only be heading south for three months or less.

Lately, we are thinking maybe it would be a better idea to rent a park model or house.

We really enjoy being snowbirds, and the RV lifestyle.

The tough part for us is trying to find a balance between this lifestyle, and our desire to be near our family.

We know everyone loves their own families as much as we love ours, and can totally relate to our feelings.

I guess we will just have to find which path is right for us !!


  1. You will figure it out, renting a park model is a good idea. My daughter is pregnant after 8 years of waiting and being told by Dr.'s that it would not happen - so, of course, I am changing some of my travel plans for this year. Check out this blog:

  2. You need to find a good compromise that will work for you.

    Because we always move every week or two it keeps us busy and enjoying new adventures,meeting so many new people. No time to get homesick .

    7 years fulltime and it works good for us. 5 young grandchildren (3 to9 years old) back home that we can keep in touch with via the internet works for us.

    We spend 5-6 months in the summer visiting our family and nice to get away.

    Good luck with your decisions, plans can always be changed.

  3. Your Grandbabies are beautiful and they are young. Right now it the discovery age for them and they are so adorable.
    You'll work it out I'm sure.

  4. Very difficult decisions to make. Tracy and I talk about this often, grandchildren are game changers for sure. I know you guys will figure out what works best for the two of you. Good luck!

  5. We hear you guys! We are always so happy to be on the road but then happy to go home. Of course we get to bring our little lady with us - but sad for the Grandmas back home!

    Hard to strike a balance but a shorter time away is probably best. We find 3 months to be the magic amount. I'd keep with the motorhome so that you can see different things and pick up when you want to. But no truer words have been written - you need to find what works for you.

    If your grandkids were teenagers it would be much different - but Jo is right - they are at that great age now that isn't to be missed!

  6. It is a most interesting perspective that you two are exercising. We concur that you will find the right balance and the right solution. Talking it through - as you do - will lead to the right decisions. We share your thoughts.

  7. We're at 49th and Chase Way in the area near you. We do not have your contact info but we believe you have ours. Feel free to call, email or simply drop by.

  8. You are suffering growing pains. It is the same as when you first left home and missed your parents. As everyone says, you will find what is best for you and what is best for you will slowly change. Maybe three months in the winter, go home for three months followed by three months in the summer, repeat as necessary. That is kind of what we would like to do but three months in Mexico is simply not enough!

    Skype Video or iPhone Facetime is good for keeping in touch. As far as your current Internet problem, Virgin Broadband from Radio Shack is cheap and is pay as you go so you can buy a month when you need it.

  9. Not sure that I would make it five or six months away from my daughter either. You will have a better prospective on things once your back home again with everyone and not feeling so separated from the kids.


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