Thursday, February 7, 2013

Good Bye Gathering

Teresa and I have been scurrying around today, getting ready for our departure tomorrow for Yuma.

We have been here for three months, and have gotten very comfortable.

During that entire time, we have had our awning out and our patio decorations on display.  Well, except for when we went home for Christmas.

Getting all those chairs, tables, solar lights, patio mats, and little knick-knack items stuffed back into the outside storage bay required a shoe horn !!

The gang decided to get together this afternoon at one of our favorite restaurants, Los Gringos Locos.

We chose to be seated on their outside patio. Shortly after, we were all sipping on our margaritas and other beverages.

A bit later, we all ordered some great food.  

Teresa and I were able to partake in the conversation and laughter, even though we felt sad because we are unsure when we might be seeing these great friends again.  

We are very thankful that friends Ed and Marilyn are making the trek to Yuma for a couple of days next week.

With hugs, we said our so-longs, and headed back to the rig to do some more chores.

I am continuing to pack up tonight, while Teresa is off to the laundromat with a backseat full of laundry.

But that is okay, because it will take our minds off the fact that we will be saying good bye to this great place with great friends.


  1. That's the good and bad about this lifestyle we make so many good friends and then have to leave them to go make more good friends.

  2. So true that saying good bye (or see you later) is always so hard to do. It is nice to know that you'll be meeting up again some time later.

    Safe journey to Yuma and we'll be there within 8 days from now.

  3. Safe travels, enjoy Yuma, Algodones, and the Sand dunes, love that area.

  4. Have a safe trip. Enjoy all that there is to see and do.


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