Friday, November 9, 2012

Camp Verde, AZ

Last night we set the alarm for 6 AM.   We had a lot of distance to cover, and with the rain and snow predicted our way, we wanted to leave extra time for delays.

We were on the road from Moab, by 8 and I knew it was going to be a long day.  The wind was relentless, and I can't remember a more tiring drive than today.

At times, you could not even see the horizon due to the blowing sand.

Then when the winds turned head on, our max speed was 50 mph, with our V10 engine screaming in protest !!

To top it off, our GPS took us on a short cut, that included some steep inclines, that were not suitable for an RV.  In fact, on some of the climbs I was down to 30 mph, in second gear, with my flashers on to warn others there was a tortoise in front of them.

We are so disappointed that the weather turned on us, because Flagstaff looked so inviting.  However, there was snow and rain falling on us, so we barreled right on through.

We kept checking the weather reports, to see where we could stay above the freezing point.

Camp Verde was the winner, with an overnight forecast for 34 degrees.

So, after 8 hours of white knuckle driving, here we are !!

This also puts us only a couple of hours away from Gold Canyon ( Phoenix ) where we will stay put for a few months.

Oh, and on a more positive note, I can finally use my thumb again from when I slammed it in the car door ... LOL.


  1. I hate driving in the wind, but you had no choice - had to get away from the snow.

  2. We got stopped on the highway for 2 hours last April coming through Flagstaff on our way back home to Ontario. Glad it was not worse for you!

  3. I didn't like driving in the wind in my Class C either.
    I see yesterday I made a mistake about Dead Horse State Park vs Dead Horse Ranch. dead Horse Ranch is on the other side of Camp Verde, in Cotton Wood.

    Hope the weather is better for you now. I will be headed out tomorrow for the bad weather. Hope this adventure is worth it. hahha

  4. Yup - not a fan of those steep inclines - reminds me of last year.

    We're just on the other side of Phoenix from you! So close yet so far!

  5. We try to avoid the steep grades as well.with the same engine in our 36 ft class A the hills really slow us down. Keep warm.

  6. Cant wait till you guys get here. Call when you get settled. Bob & Janet

  7. Cant wait till you guys get here. Call when you get settled. Bob & Janet

  8. That is why we don't use a GPS, not always good when in an RV. At least you arrived in one piece and safely. I think there is a cold snap down there, even Lake Havasu is cold.

  9. We use a GPS all the time, but we always plan our route on google maps first, and then input longtitude and latitude waypoints so that the GPS follows the route that we chose, not one chosen by the GPS.


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