Saturday, November 17, 2012

The Historic Mining Camp Restaurant

We were very happy to have our friends return on Friday from a road trip they took to the Grand Canyon.

Although they were a little tuckered out, we had plans to go out for  supper and entertainment to celebrate Ginger's Birthday.

Teresa and I got cleaned up, and headed over to their park for the short drive to the restaurant.

Unfortunately, it was dark already so no photos of the outside exhibits, but, the restaurant is themed like Old Arizona, and is very rustic.

It is decorated with antiques used during the old mining days, and in fact our plates and cups were like the tin ones miners ate from years ago.

The food was very good, with each table receiving fresh warm buns and bread, baked beans, ham, chicken, and mouth watering ribs !!

After supper, a band consisting of four colorful characters, entertained us with songs and comedy routines.

It was a lot of fun, and we would recommend this place anytime.

After supper we headed back to Jesse and Ginger's place to admire their new rig, and more importantly to have birthday cake in Ginger's honor.

They recently purchased this beautiful Mobile Suites fifth wheel, and we just know that they are going to love it.

Once again, the evening was filled with fun and laughter, and we really enjoyed ourselves.

However, all good things must come to an end, and soon we were all heading home to get a good night sleep.

We really are fortunate to have found such wonderful people to call our friends !!


  1. that restaurant sounds divine...happy birthday to your friend...always nice to get together with friends..

  2. Looks like a great place to eat and have fun with good friends.


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