Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Moab, UT

Today marks our third day of hard driving.

We were on the road by 9AM ( an unremarkable record for us ...) and geared up for another day on the road.

A Frosty Morning !!

If you are ever travelling near Rawlins, Wyoming, please watch for the wind and the wildlife.

There are literally hundreds of antelope near the roadways, and numerous deer as well.

We had a real scare when a huge mule deer with an impressive set of antlers darted out along the shoulder running at full speed.

Thankfully, he ran parallel to us, but we saw many dead animals in the ditch that told a different story.

And as for the wind, we have heard of semi's and RV's being blown off the road and rolling.

We made really good time today, and 7 hours later, we had covered over 360 miles.

As we neared Moab, the scenery finally changed from flat prairie lands to red rock.

We have booked in at a Passport America campground for three nights at the great price of $17 per night.

There is lots to see and do in this area, including Arches National Park.

With the daytime temperatures to be in the 70's, we are looking forward to getting off our butts, and getting some fresh air !!


  1. So happy you made it to the warmer weather and are going to stay put for a few days. I am heading out Sat. to do Route 66 and Kingman. Just an over nighter.
    Stay safe. And watch those wild critters they are a hazard.

  2. There are not too many things scarier than having a deer run out in front or along side your vehicle. Things can go bad in a hurry.
    Enjoy your three day stay.

  3. It is worth 3 hard days of driving to get to the heat.


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