Monday, November 19, 2012

Enjoying our Park

We have had great weather this week, and today was no exception.

Blue skies, very slight breeze, and sunshine !!

Bocce ball courts

I almost complained it was a little too hot, but caught myself in the nick of time.

Teresa and I enjoyed our usual coffee in bed, then decided today would be a wonderful day to play a little tennis.

These courts are seldom used
The company that owns our RV park, started a new subdivision last year called Superstition Views.

The water is warm and inviting
Instead of an RV park, however, they are building houses.

The really neat thing though, is that we can use the brand new bocce ball courts, tennis courts, and the amazing pool.

Teresa and I really aren't very good tennis players, but we sure had fun just enjoying the sunshine, mountains, and the good feeling that exercise brings.

We went back home for lunch, and were inspired enough to head over to the fitness centre.

We did a variety of cardio machines, then Teresa went ahead and worked out on the weight machines.

We were the only ones in the fitness centre, however, come January that will change as the park is fully booked for the new year.

We ended our day with a few glasses of wine, sitting on our patio, and making plans for tomorrow.


  1. That really is a nice place. And for now you have it all to yourselves.

  2. sounds like a g great day and looks like a beautiful resort enjoy!!!! We are happy with our resort this winter too..

  3. Looks like you had another great day. enjoy more of them!

  4. Sure nice amenities at your park and getting there early before the crowd sounds like a plus. Glad you are enjoying the warm weather. Perfect ending to your day. Have a great Tuesday.

  5. Had a laugh about not being good at tennis.. I'm not either but it sure is fun and great exercise! Your park looks fab!


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