Monday, November 5, 2012

Rawlins, WY

As predicted, Teresa and I had an amazing sleep last night.

Would you believe we slept for 10 hours straight !!

We enjoyed a couple of cups of coffee in bed, then reluctantly got up and broke camp.

Soon, we were back on the road.

There isn't much for scenery travelling through Montana and Wyoming, but we did see a lot of wildlife.

There is an abundance of mule deer and antelope, and a couple of times there were some animals in the ditch next to the highway.

We were on high alert, for sure.

We arrived at Rawlins after driving for about 8 hours, and I am glad to report that we can now un-winterize our rig, and have full hook-ups. 

After a quick supper, we enjoyed a glass of nice wine.

Tomorrow we will arrive at Moab, and I promise a more exciting blog with the odd photo thrown in !!


  1. Only un winterize if you are going to be quick! The cold is coming! Even down here - freezing or near to in mid Arizona this weekend. BRRRRRR!

    You know where to boondock in Moab - right?

  2. That was some sleep but needed for sure. Enjoy the evening and another good nights sleep.
    Just checked the weather Sunday night will be around 36 degrees you should be fine.
    Travel safe.

  3. Nice to see you are on the road again. Enjoy your migration.

  4. Only one glass of wine for the thumb pain!! Love all the wildlife along that stretch but don't like the wind.


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