Thursday, November 8, 2012

Dead Horse State Park and Canyonlands Nat'l Park

It is easy to see why Moab is such an attractive city to travellers.

There are numerous parks to visit, and every kind of outdoor activity to satisfy young and old alike.

Today we headed out to another two parks, and came back with a memory card full of photos.

First, we visited Dead Horse State Park.

An added benefit of visiting the parks at this time of year is that you have the parks to yourself, and the rangers have time to offer their advice on sites to see.

Teresa and I were amazed at what we were seeing.  Remember, we are from the flat ol' prairies of Saskatchewan !!

It was windy today, and the fine red sand was blowing, making the photos look a little hazy.

Teresa would get pretty nervous if I got too close to any edge ... I guess that means she still loves me !!

From here, it was only a few minutes drive to Canyonlands.

Wow, we sure wish our photos would do the landscape justice.

Most of Canyonlands is viewed by driving from one observation point to the next, because it is so vast.

Even so, there are some good opportunities for hiking, and we were working up a sweat a couple of times !!

 Once again, it was another full day, and we arrived back to our RV Resort in the dark.

Watching the news lately, there is a real winter storm headed our way, that is forcing us to change our itinerary.

We were hoping to spend a few days at the Grand Canyon, but they are predicting very cold nights, with the occasional snow fall.

As a result, we are going to pack up tomorrow morning, and make a run for warmer weather !!

Sure hope this cumbersome rig is nimble enough to out run the storm !!


  1. Such beautiful country there, hopefully get there a bit later this year. Hope you miss the storm.

  2. I love Dead Horse Ranch. It was once areal working ranch. I'm sure they told you that. Your pictures are great. Even mine doesn't always capture true colors.
    I am heading up north tomorrow I packed warm clothe. Maybe that will keep it from being cold. haha
    Be safe

  3. We didn't get a chance to see these last year so glad that you did. I'm so glad you got to visit this area on your way down!

    I imagine you are on the road again - safe travels.


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