Sunday, November 4, 2012

Miles City, Montana

What a crazy day we had today !!

As predicted, we received a fairly heavy freezing rain last night.

My mind was so active with everything we had to do to this morning, plus thinking about the rain, I tossed and turned and bet I only got an hour or two of sleep.

We were both up by 4 AM, and could not even look out the windows, they were so covered in ice.

Gulp ... Well, let's get showered and packed up, and see if the morning rays melt the icy streets in time for our intended departure.

I quietly loaded up our car, so as not to wake our condo neighbours, and headed over to our motorhome.

As I was getting out of the car, I could not believe how the motorhome was covered in ice.

I must have been distracted, because I then proceeded to slam the car door shut on my thumb !!  EOWWW ... I was afraid to look, but there was no cut, because it pinched on the nail, and not the skin.

As a result, I can't use this thumb now for anything, and I have to keep it elevated, or the throbbing becomes intolerable.

One of Teresa's most admirable traits is her ability to organize and pack, so I did the heavy lifting and smiled as she made our rig a home again.

Shortly before noon, we gingerly headed out.  I will admit to a few tense moments, especially witnessing all the cars and trucks in the ditch, but by this time the roads were beginning to melt.

The border crossing was the easiest yet, and six hours later we reached Miles City.

We made a bee line to the nearest Walmart and stocked up on food and adult beverages.  Yes, we needed a relaxing drink after the day we had.

So here it is 9PM, and we can barely keep our eyes open.

Bet there will be no tossin' and turnin' tonight !!


  1. SO glad all is well! Yikes - I would have been so nervous to head out in ice. Happy you are ok - it must feel good to be back on the road - it just takes a few miles to get back into the groove!

    Glad I have you guys to read about again!

  2. Hope the thumb is not to painful. I felt the pain all the way here when I read that. Get a good nights sleep and be safe. Of course I hope the worst part is over now.

  3. safe travels to you as you continue southward! Soon the icey roads will be but a distant memory, except of course the ice you will need for your thumb!

  4. Two thumbs up (oups sorry I couldn't resist the puns :-) ) to you and Teresa for your next travelling adventure!

  5. Getting into warmer weather will be nice. Here in Eastern WA we have not seen any snow yet.

  6. I'm glad you made it safely!!! Love you's

  7. Quite the dramatic departure!!! Hope your thumb nail stays on.


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