Thursday, November 15, 2012

Our Resort - Canyon Vistas

We are surrounded by park models, but that gives us a little
more room than many other sites.

With Teresa still spending most of the day scrubbing, cleaning, polishing, waxing, and nesting, I managed to get over to the fitness centre for a look-see.

Six pickle ball courts in excellent condition

Not bad, three treadmills, four ellipticals, a couple of steppers, and about a dozen strength building machines.

Oh ya, the best part ... two TV's to watch !!

Baseball diamond with visiting parks getting their butts kicked !!

I tried a few of the different machines, and am happy to report that I have already lost 10 pounds .... ya, right !!

The Superstition Mountains watching over us

Every Thursday, our park holds a happy hour with free entertainment, and free beer and popcorn.

I asked Teresa to come along, but she was not in the mood to party after a couple of days of cleaning, so off I went by myself.

This racetrack is for remote controlled cars ....
Boys and their Toys !!

The patio was packed.  People were hugging and shaking hands with friends they had not seen since last season.

The band was pretty good, and they had people out of their chairs, and dancing around the patio.

This pool is small in comparison to the brand new one just opened

Hope I can jive like that when I am their age.  Shoot, I would be lucky to jive like that at my age !!

I will have to show you the brand new tennis courts, bocce ball lanes, new pool and clubhouse on another post.

And in other news, we made a decision regarding coming home for Christmas.

On one hand, we talked about flying home, but then we would be without a car unless we rented one back home.

Well, what about driving home.  Hmmm, let's see, three long days of driving in winter weather over some pretty high passes.

Then another three day drive back south.  Heck, we are losing six days here.

So last night I checked into airfare again, and Westjet had a seat sale on that clinched the deal.  A thousand dollars for both of us, return flight included.

So, we are flying back to Regina, and will rent a car when we need one.

I think we both gave a slight sigh of relief that we will not have to make that long drive so soon again !!


  1. Livin' large guys - livin' large! :)

    Glad you decided to fly home - I would have worried for you on those winter roads.

  2. Great Park.
    I think flying back is a great idea.

  3. A nice flight home would make it much less stressful, enjoy your time now.


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