Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Queen Creek Olive Mill

Another beautiful day here, with temps near the 80 degree mark, and brilliant sunshine.

We had plans to tour an olive mill today, so we met at our friend's park before heading out.

Ed and Marilyn generously offered us a ride, while Bob and Janet rode with Jesse and Ginger.

We love going places with these three couples, and seem to have fun every time.

This farm was started as a hobby farm, but grew in size as more and more people said they should go into business.

We took a short tour which included sampling some products, and learned a lot about the industry.

After the tour, we were back in the store front, picking up some tasty products.

With all this talk about olives, and since it was lunchtime, we decided to head over to ... where else ... the Olive Garden !!

We have not been to one of their restaurants since last year in Texas, so we were looking forward to lunch.

We enjoyed the all you can eat, soup and salad with fresh bread sticks, and it was as good as we remembered.

Back at the resort, Ed and Marilyn invited Teresa and I in, to share a laugh about a book Ed is reading.  Well, that led to us asking about their Kindles, then listening to music, then talking about trips, then looking at photos, until the afternoon had turned into early evening.

You know how it is when you are with good friends, one minute you can be laughing, and the next sharing a tear or two. 

On the way home, we had to make a stop for our Power Ball Lottery tickets.

The jackpot is at $500,000,000.00 !!  That's right, half a billion dollars.

Not that we would change a thing if we won, mind you ... ;-)


  1. I think if you won the lotta you a would maybe add a slideout to your coach, :<)

  2. sounds like a great tour of the olive mill...heres hoping you win :) I know it would have a thing or two around here if we won :)

  3. So were you the lucky winners? They say someone in Arizona won!


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