Saturday, November 10, 2012

Gold Canyon, AZ

Well, we did it !!   We made it to the valley before the freezing weather caught up to us.

We left Camp Verde around 10:30 and arrived here around 1 pm.

The traffic in the Phoenix area was a little congested, and once or twice was a little dicey when I had to make some lane changes, but it was not nearly as stressful as our first time navigating the busy freeways last year.

When we were checking in at Canyon Vistas, we felt like we were in familiar territory, because we were here last year for two weeks.

That is when we realized that this is the first time we have been to the same park in our two years of travel.

For the first time we knew where the office was, and the general layout of the resort. 

No sooner had we dropped the jacks, than Teresa was setting up the laptop to let our friends know we were here.

Excitedly, she exclaimed that we were invited to a happy hour at our friends resort, complete with homemade soup and sandwiches.

They wanted to provide us with a supper, because they knew it was our travelling day, and they did not want us to have to worry about supper with everything else that needs to be done when setting up.

That just made our day, and we quickly finished our set-up chores to head over to their neighboring resort.

As we were pulling up to their side by side sites, Teresa was grabbing at the door handle, telling me to let her out ... LOL.

With hugs, we were welcomed by Ed and Marilyn, and Bob and Janet, then we met new friends Jesse and Ginger.

It really felt good to see these wonderful folks after nearly a year.

Ed and Marilyn made an amazing pot of meat and veggie soup, Bob and Janet brought the fixings for sandwiches, and Ginger and Jesse made a tasty upside down pineapple cake. 

Wouldn't you know that we brought the cold weather with us, so we moved from the patio to inside Ed and Marilyn's rig for dessert.

We enjoyed many laughs together, and made some plans for future fun in the sun.

By this time, it was black dark outside and the party disbanded to head for home for a little relaxation before bed.

It sure is a wonderful feeling to be back together with friends, new and old !!


  1. Looks like a nice welcoming committee on your arrival.

  2. just passed thru gold canyon a few days ago

  3. Sort of feels like coming home, eh.

  4. Sounds perfect...wondering, did you upgrade from The Lily Pad? Missed any mention if you did and wondering what you're traveling in now!


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