Friday, November 25, 2011

Aransas Pass, Texas

We were going to do more free beach camping on Mustang Island today, but we were a little short on groceries, and decided to stay on the mainland at Aransas Pass.

We found a wonderful Passport America park for only 16 bucks a night.  We'll take two of those nights, please !!

With that done, we jumped in the car and made our way to Walmart and an HEB grocery store.  I was supposed to bbq tonight, but time slipped away on us, so we just picked up supper from the deli, and rushed home to relax.

We put the a/c on to cool things off, and Teresa found a Christmas movie on TV, so we are happy campers.

Hopefully, we will get out to do some exploring tomorrow.

And don't forget everyone, only 1 more month till Christmas !!


  1. Boy do you guys move at lightning speed! Guess we did that when we first started out too! How do you like HEB? - we haven't been yet this year but have been thinking about it. How do prices compare to Walmart? Sorry that you missed Goose Island at Rockport.... We will be in Natchez MS next week - any tips since you guys were there not too long ago.

  2. grrrr.....that was me - didn't realize I was signed out!

  3. Hey, Teresa. Yes, we are going fast, too fast !! But, we really want to cover a lot of ground, and see what feels best for us. Our future trips will include longer stays in places we like.

    Plus, we have reservations in the Rio Grande Valley for a month starting Dec 1st, so that adds to the pressure.

    HEB had some prices cheaper than Walmart, and some were a little higher, but, we found HEB had different brands and selections.

    As for Natchez, we really didn't do too much there. ( We parked at Walmart for two days, it was the best. There is a nice security guy, that will keep an eye on things all night )

    We had just come off the Natchez Trace Parkway, and needed to get caught up on groceries and some minor maintenance.

    Thanks for following along with us, as we follow your travels as well.

    Take care ... TnT

  4. You really didn't have to remind me Christmas is only one more month away/ :{~ But then that means only 4 months for me to hit head for the Mountains.:)
    PPA sure is starting to get involved with some nice RV Parks.
    Keep having fun

  5. So much to se in all these places and you are covering a lot of ground, but having fun in the meantime. Enjoy the area, Mustang Island and the Rio Grande. We found from past years that a month in one place was too long for us usually 3 days to two weeks works great.

  6. I love my PA passport rates, they saved me a bunch of money last summer bringing the motorhome up to canada. I'm certain we saved more than what the annual fee is!
    Camping in a nice place for $12-$16 is a great rate! (eh?)

    Cheers, take care and post more pictures would ya?
    (maybe more of you guys with your nice suntans!)

  7. PA works great in most areas, except for the southwest during the 'season', which of course is when we are here. We did use it a couple of places travelling back to Cda. Your header pic is great!


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