Tuesday, November 15, 2011

New Orleans, Louisiana

We awoke to rain, which added to the humidity.  On the positive side, my wrinkly face is baby soft and smooth. 

I must tell you about our wonderful neighbours in the park.  Jim and Darlene, along with their friendly pooch "Shakespeare", made us feel like we were part of their family. 

They gave us great tips on Southern Cuisine, and even wanted to try and buy us some of their recommendations.  We exchanged emails and hugs, and wished each other safe travels as we departed.

We didn't have far to go today, to meet up with our friends.  We are staying at the Bayou Segnette State Park, and as we pulled up to our campsite, we saw they were already here.

I barely got the rig stopped in time for Teresa to jump out her door, and run and give our dear friends Ed and Marilyn a big hug.  We were quickly introduced to Bob and Janet, and now Teresa and I can add them to our list of friends.

Since none of us had eaten yet, we decided to make a run to Perino's Boiling Pot.  Oh, oh, this menu didn't look like anything we had ever seen before. 

Following Ed and Bob's lead, we shared a half dozen oysters on the half shell.  We are talking raw oysters here folks !

With just a drop of Tabasco sauce and a dash of salt, they were very tasty.  Teresa was very hesitant to try one, but with a lot of coaxing by all of us, she gulped one down, and was surprised by how good it was.  We also shared an order of deep fried crawfish tails.  Now those were awesome.

New friends Bob and Janet, beside Marilyn

We even had a piece of Ed's alligator.  Yes, I said alligator.  It too was very good.

Ed and I are too busy eating to smile for the camera

The six of us had a great visit, and enjoyed hearing about Ed and Marilyn's recent visit to Africa.  We couldn't believe the things they saw.

Alas, we were full and getting tired, so we all headed back to the park, where we are going to relax for the evening.

We are looking forward to our tour of the Big Easy tomorrow.


  1. Gotta the area, the cuisine and the people. So much to see, do and experience there I am sure you will enjoy it all, have fun.

  2. Sounds like a wonderful time was had by all. RVer's are some of the nicest people to meet.
    Have fun tomorrow.

  3. Alligator... wow for folks from Sask. you are very brave.

  4. Sounds like fun! can't wait for some of that Southern food......

  5. Looks awesome, loving reading about the nice people you are meeting on the road!
    The oysters looks really good


  6. OMG! Alligator???? You'r very brave!!
    Have fun in New Orleans!!!!! Are you
    going to see the French Quarter???
    Lots of pictures pls!!!

    Love you's, Mwaaa!


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