Saturday, November 12, 2011

Making Travel Plans

Okay, remember how we weren't sure about going to New Orleans or not ??  Well, guess what.  Our friends  Ed and Marilyn came to the rescue !!

We met Ed and Marilyn at Colorado Springs a couple of years ago
 and have kept in touch since then

We met them when we flew down to pick up our motorhome, and they treated us like royalty.  They are fulltimer's with a lot of travel experience.  Ed emailed me saying they were going to New Orleans and another stop we were interested in, and even though they are travelling with another couple, they invited us to come along.

And so we are !!  We are excited to see and experience NOLA, but we are even more excited to catch up with our friends !!  They are an amazing couple that love family, friends, and adventure.

After cementing our travel plans, we realized we had better do some laundry before we leave here tomorrow morning.

We couldn't decide who should have to do the laundry chore, so we thought we would settle it with a good ol' fashioned arm wrestling.

In the end, it was a draw, so we BOTH headed over to the laundromat.  With four washing machines, and four dryers, it really doesn't take that long.

How do I always lose ONE sock !!

We also wandered over to the casino today.  It was really busy !
They have an impressive hotel lobby, and the bright lights and sirens, and clanging were drawing me in with my wallet in hand until Teresa broke the spell for me.  Whew, that was close.

Yes, those are real alligators licking their chomps at us !!

We are not sure where we are staying tomorrow.  We have a couple of options on where to stay, and will finalize those details when our wheels get rolling in the morning.


  1. Safe travels.....looks like a great adventure ahead.

  2. Sounds like too much fun, too bad we are heading in opposite directions maybe we can wave at each other on the highway, never know someday we will run into each other!
    Enjoy Nawlins!

  3. Its so cool to meet people on the road and stay friends. Enjoy the company and New Orleans.
    BTW I love your new header picture.

  4. so nice to meet FT friends on the road...and continue with the the header picture..looks a a great adventure ahead for sure...

  5. So nice that you will be able to meet up with some blogger friends. They just had a great trip to South Africa. I'm sure you will have lots to catch up on. Enjoy New Orleans!

    Kevin and Ruth

  6. New Orleans is amazing! You will love it. Be sure to carve out a day to visit the WWII Museum You can't see it all in one day and it's overwhelming emotional. We did one day and will go back sometime for another.


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