Saturday, November 19, 2011

League City, Texas

This morning, Teresa was up bright and early.  I think it was because she did not want to miss our friend's departure. 

We have had an amazing time with these two couples over these past four days.  However, they are heading to Llano Grande for a Sunday check in, and we won't be there until Dec 1st, because we wanted to spend some time on the gulf coast.

We watched as they hooked up their beautiful Mobile Suites 5th wheels.  Ed and Marilyn have a Ford dually tow vehicle and Bob and Janet cruise around in their Dodge Cummins truck.

Thou shalt not envy, thou shalt not envy !!

We departed with hugs and a bit of sadness, but knowing we will see them in less than two weeks really helped.  Now, when the end of December comes, I can guarantee tears from at least one of us !

Shortly after they left, it was pretty quiet in our rig, but we managed to get packed up, and said good bye to Betty's.  Thank you Betty, we have made some wonderful memories while enjoying your hospitality.

Shortly after we got going, we were not sure if our GPS was taking us on good roads or not, and with a big smile Teresa said " if Ed was here, he would know where to go.... he is amazing with directions, isn't he Trent" ! 

I was nodding my head in the affirmative, because Ed is blessed with that rare gene that gives him an uncanny sense of direction, and all he has to do is drive through a town once, and he has his bearings. 

Boy, what I would give to have that gift.  I am not kidding when I say that sometimes Teresa and I will be leaving a park that we had just camped in the night before, and neither of us will remember how to get back out to the highway.  We love/need our GPS.

And now ...  We are Winter Texans !!

We crossed into Texas, and made our way towards Galveston.  We are parked up for the night only a half hour away, so we will have a nice breakfast, and should be there well before lunch.

Not too sure how long we will stay, but it will be our first time on the beach for a long long time.

Look out Galveston, here we come !!


  1. Sounds like a great time enjoy Galveston an d the beaches! We were there only once in 2008 shortly after hurricane Ike, not a lot too see bu devstation, would be much nicer now.

  2. Galveston oh Galveston! can't wait to get there ourselves! you know with you coming south from the east an us from the west - I thought we could meet in the middle! But I have a bad feeling we are going to miss each other totally! You are along the coast and we are going to head north into Louisiana and Miss before we swing around and retrace your steps! Oh well - maybe down the travels!

  3. Say hi to George Strait from me!!!!!

  4. See you in 12 days, we will keep a light on for you. Bob and Janet

  5. enjoy your trip to the coast!!..soon you will all be together again!!!

  6. Last December I stayed at "The Breeze RV Park" in Surfside Beach, TX - that's about 40 miles from Galveston. What a place right on the Beach - couldn't get any closer to the water. And the Owner lives on site and was amazing.

  7. Good friends will always cross paths.
    Enjoy the beach!

  8. Thanks for the kind words! Can hardly wait until we are all together again! We missed you guys yesterday and we look forward to seeing you in the valley.
    Hurry on down! Love & Hugs
    Ed & Marilyn

  9. You should visit Rockport - Goose Island state park is near there (stayed in Rockport before the RV entered our lives so have not stayed in the state park but it has been recommended to us). Aransas national wildlife refuge is also in the area and whooping cranes winter there. The cranes should be there now as we are freezing our butts off in Canada. jm

  10. Once again thanks for the tour and great photos.

  11. I'd rather be sailingNovember 21, 2011 at 7:59 PM

    Hi TnT. Found your blog recently and have caught up on your posts. Sounds like you both have eased into retirement quite nicely.

    Couple of questions for you if I may (and your readers as well perhaps).

    Like you, my wife and I are fellow Canucks and getting serious about escaping the Cdn winters. We are looking to travel south for the winter months with our 2 dogs (each 65-70 lbs) and return home each summer as we enjoy our home and we like to sail the Great Lakes (gunk holing (akin to boon docking) as much as we can).

    How large is your Motorhome and how did you decide on that particular one. I've been researching Class A's, C's and 5th wheel. and keep bouncing back and forth between the merits of each one.

    While we would likely do a number of RV parks ala Passport America, I can see us spending a lot of time boon docking as well. Living on a 30 ft sailboat for weeks at a time albeit without the dogs works well for us.

    Any comments, suggestions or websites you (or your readers) can direct us to are welcomed and appreciated.

    We look forward to reading of your continued adventures south of the border in this your first year of retirement.

    Kind regards, Rob

  12. Hi Rob - you can contact me if you want - I know we seem young but we come down every year - there are other's with tons of knowledge - such as The Bayfield Bunch - and Kevin and Ruth When you get to one blog most list others - we have a blogroll on our blog. We do tons of boondocking or stealth camping as we like to call it. We are at We are Canadian also.

  13. Hi Rob ( and thanks Teresa for helping out )
    We are very new to this, and our knowledge was gained by reading blogs and researching the internet.
    A VERY helpful website is run by Marianne Edwards from Ontario. She publishes some e-books that we have bought.
    Marianne and Randy are extremely frugal, and her books will tell you where to go and what to see. They have the art of boondocking down to a science. They travel in a small class B
    ( camper-van)
    As to rigs, they all have their merits and weaknessess. Our class c is outfitted with solar panels and batteries, but that means we are close to our weight limits, even before we start. The other negative with class C's are the small holding tanks. We can only go about 3 days before we need to dump our tanks.
    Most of the people we see from Canada have class A's or 5th wheels.
    We bounce back and forth between the two of them as well. A class A, towing a small car sounds good, but once you step into a nice 5th wheel, it just feels more like a home than the motorhome. The problem then is, you need a big truck to tow with, and this becomes your sight seeing vehicle.
    Pros and cons !!
    Thanks for following along with us, and maybe we can meet up one day.
    Take care ... TnT

  14. Hi Rob - me again. I remembered that The Bayfield Bunch went through a few rv's and changed from a 5th to an A Class - maybe worth looking on his site for that post. Also - here is a good post from Wheeling it - 10 things I wish I'd know before fulltime RVing

  15. I'd rather be sailingNovember 22, 2011 at 6:02 PM

    Tnt and Teresa:

    Thanks for your contributions. More 'homework or research' as I'd rather put it.

    I'll look into the blogs/websites you both have suggested.

    Happy RV'ing... Rob


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