Thursday, November 24, 2011

Thanksgiving at Rockport, Texas

Okay, two posts in one day.  And all for the same low price !

Teresa and I arrived in Rockport today around lunch time, and checked in to the Circle W RV Ranch. 

I have to tell you, the owners and residents here are the friendliest bunch we have ever met.  As we were getting checked in, they were setting up for their Thanksgiving Lunch.  We were invited to participate in the festivities, and they insisted on us not bringing anything, as we were just arriving.  If you know Teresa, you know that she is a generous giver, and it took some coaxing by all, to talk her into coming, because she always wants to bring something.

Well, there was NO shortage of  Everyone had a ton to eat, and all were laughing and talking, and expressing their thankfulness in their own way.

We have much to be thankful for ourselves, and thought it was fitting that we had two thanksgivings this year !!  Our thoughts were of family, and friends, and Teresa had a few teary moments.

Tomorrow we head back out to the gulf shore for some more beach camping, so we might not have internet again for a day or two.

There is a heated indoor pool here, complete with hot tub, so I better see if I can talk Teresa into our first swim of the winter !


  1. Gotta love Texas hospitality and the weather too! The free ferry to Mustang Island, Port Aransas will take you right on to miles of sandy beach, dunes and free camping, gotta love it!

  2. nothing like a nice thanksgiving dinner upon arrival..enjoy the beach :)

  3. Bueno! I'm almost wishing we were with you instead of Mazatlan.....hmmmmm!

  4. If you are interested, you have to go to Aransas national wildlife refuge where the whooping cranes over-winter. But watch out for the mossies, they are awful, at least they were in March when we were there. Jm

  5. Happy Thanksgiving!..two in one year!..lucky you guys!!

  6. Sounds like good old texas hospitality too!
    nice to see you are enjoying yourselves, sure wish we were there with you!



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