Wednesday, November 16, 2011

The French Quarter, New Orleans

Today was the most amazing day we have had to date !!  We don't even know where to begin to describe our adventures.  In all honesty, it was made all the better because we were with two other fun couples.  Teresa and I agree, it would not have been the same if we were on our own.

Marilyn, TnT, and Bob and Janet

First I must address the issue of whether or not it is safe to tour this unique part of the city.  At no time did we feel the least bit nervous or threatened in any way.  I am sure that a person could find trouble if they wanted to, but for the average visitor, I would not hesitate to recommend a visit here.  And to think we almost missed out on the fun, because we had heard it was unsafe.....

Now, Ed and Marilyn have been here before, and with their experience, they made our day a blast.

We started by taking a ferry across the Mississippi, and leaving our cars in a parking lot.  This saved us the stress of driving over the bridge, and finding a place to park.  Plus, the ferry was free !!

Our first glimpse of the French Quarter
as we boarded the ferry

As you can see in the photos, the weather was great.  I don't dare say too hot, because our friends back at home would leave nasty comments, I am sure.  They were forecasting showers, but the rain appeared overnight, and all was calm for our fun today.

As soon as the ferry landed, we took a walk along the river front.  We were getting some sneak peeks at where we were heading.

We were told by numerous people, that we would have to try the beignets ( ben-yays ) from Cafe Du Mond, and boy, were they ever right !!

We were very lucky to be seated right away,
apparently the line-ups get very long

Having never tasted anything like this before, we were in for a real treat.  They definitely lived up to their reputation !

With full tummies, and a little sprinkling of icing sugar on our shirts, we made our way to Jackson Square.  I did not realize it was named after Major General Andrew Jackson.  See, learning can be fun, kids !!

General Jackson

Jackson square is about a block in size.  It is very well maintained, and kept up beautifully.

A real BANANA tree

Beautiful fountain in Jackson Square

Right across the cobblestone walkway is the
St Louis Cathedral.

You are allowed to enter the sanctuary.  Here, we all took a moment out from our fun and laughter, to quietly reflect and give thanks for all we have to be grateful for.  We departed with a deep sense of peace, for sure.

Soon after, we walked up and down Bourbon street, and marveled at all the old buildings, and shops.

The other food recommendation from all sorts of people, are the Muffulettas from Central Grocery.  Again, these are not to be missed.  Yes, there is a line up for them, and yes, it is worth the wait.

Within minutes, these performed a disappearing act !

So, are we glad we made the extra effort to visit the Big Easy.... a resounding yes to that one.  You cannot describe the atmosphere here.  At times it is almost festive.  There is music everywhere, street performers, and just a lot of people having fun, and soaking it all up.  You must come experience it for yourself.  Period.

A human statue...he was awesome

We made it home in the late afternoon, and gathered around for a drink, and to share a few laughs.

I snuck up on this fella in our park
but it seemed like he was too busy
eating to worry about me

We are all heading out tomorrow to Betty's RV Park, another item on our must-do list.  After today, that leaves 998 more items to go !


  1. Wow! great day! well we MAY have to reconsider about going to New Orleans - the beignets look sooooooo good! glad you went - glad you had a good time!

  2. our old neighborhood! I'm so glad you enjoyed N'Awlins! "do you know what it means to miss New Orleans?"

  3. The food looks so yummy.
    Thanks for sharing your wonderful day with us.

  4. sounds like it was a dy filled with fun, food and friends..not much more is needed!!!

  5. And to think we almost missed out on the fun, because we had heard it was unsafe.....

    That's what a lot of people think about Mexico too.

    New Orleans is definitely a different place. No ambition to go back now that we've seen it though, and certainly not a place we would live.

  6. We wandered Bourbon Street well into the night and never felt threatened at all either. Like you say, you can get into trouble anywhere if that is what you want to do. New Orleans is a wonderful experience.

  7. Glad you made it to the French Quarter, we always enjoy a nice day trip there and just take in the sights and atmosphere, certainly a unique place.

  8. Great comment Kevin!!!

    Remember that Trent, cuz you both will be down here in Mexico one year soon. So glad you have adapted to the RV lifestyle.

  9. Wow! Thanks for all the pictures, food & friends! Your right, it wouldn't have been the same without them!


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