Wednesday, November 30, 2011

All Work, No Play

The weather today was about as perfect as one could hope for.  Blue skies, temps in the 80's, and just enough of a breeze to keep things manageable.

Today was another work day, so that we can just relax and visit with friends for the month of December.

We shortened our morning coffee time, because I wanted to start washing and waxing the vehicles before it got too hot.  Our motorhome is parked facing directly south, so in the morning I worked on the shaded west side, then after lunch, I worked in the shaded east side.

I would like to say the rig is shiny and would blind a person, but, that is not the case.  My neighbour friend said our fibreglass is badly oxidized, and we would need to remove the oxidization before we would be really happy.

I will have to look into that, because after all that hard work, a fella wants to admire his beer can reflecting in the mirror like finish !!

I had much better luck with our Sunfire, however.  After a good wash, including the undercarriage, I had enough energy left to wax the car.

Ahhh, now that is more like it !!  It puts a smile on my face, when I can see the palm trees shining in the paint.

I was so tired by the time I was done, I could barely lift my arms above my head.  ( Not that I go around doing that, but still, if I wanted to, I couldn't ).

There was no use in looking for sympathy from my sweetie, however.  She had her own war going on.  RV fridges need to be defrosted from time to time, and ours was overdue.  All the humidity from the coast seemed to hasten this chore. 

While waiting for the frost to melt, she had completely Armor-Alled the cab of our rolling home.  Next the venetians and windows.  Soon she was off again to do a load of laundry.  In the meantime, she had prepared meals and snacks, to keep us going.

She came back from the laundromat, saying she had met two wonderful women, and they had a nice visit.  Seems everywhere we go, we run into great people.

Funny story, we are parked near a military training base.  Around six in the morning, they must have been doing some marching drills, and all the cadets were counting and shouting of some sort in unison.  Well, it just so happened I was dreaming, and the soldiers shouting and marching played into my dream, except it was a crowd of people shouting and chasing me !!  Sadly, they weren't frenzied fans, they were out to get me ... LOL

Sure hope they are a little more quiet tonight !!


  1. The polishing and waxing can be chore and not rewarding until you get a shine. Patience,trial and error and a lot of work will get you there, just do a section at a time much easier. Once you get the shine back its easier to keep it there.

  2. I find there is as much work up keeping the MH as there is the stix and bricks...possibly more because we don't was and wax the house on a regular basis...but isn't it rewarding to be looking at a clean RV...enjoy your stay

  3. Always something to do but on a rotational basis so not so bad.


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