Thursday, December 1, 2011

Mercedes, Texas

After posting last night, I noticed there was no one in the pool and hot tub.  I tried talking Teresa into an evening swim, but she was too tired to join me.  I slipped away, and tested the pool with my big toe.  Ah, nice and warm.  I did a few laps, then ventured into the hot tub. 

Oh my, a guy could get used to this.  I could only shake my head in disbelief, sitting here on the last day of November, looking up at the moon and the stars, with the palm trees swaying in the breeze.

It was one of those magical moments that I will remember for a long time.

This morning, Teresa was up early, and once again, it was because she was so excited to see our friends today ! 

And she didn't have to wait long.  We were only a half hour away from our next destination, Llano Grande Lake Park Resort.  We had a great laugh pulling up to our site. There were our friends, all four of them sitting in the middle of our site, enjoying their chosen beverage.

We jumped out and with big smiles we gave hugs all around.  It will be so awesome to be with Ed and Marilyn, and Bob and Janet.

We got all setup, taking extra care to get everything exactly how we wanted it, since we will be here for a month.

Soon, we were all heading over to Ed and Marilyn's, for snacks and cold drinks.  We could not believe all the effort these two couples went to, for us. 

Marilyn prepared a Pico de Gallo dip
( like salsa ) with taco chips.  Ed prepared a Southwest Pork Green Chili stew.  Both were amazing.  We are not used to homemade food on this adventure, so it was extra special.

Janet made a batch of wonderful Cornbread muffins, that went perfect with the stew.  If that was not enough, Bob and Janet brought over some homemade Pecan ice cream.  It was so delicious !!

We were so thankful and appreciative.  What great friends we have !

Tomorrow is a special day in Progresso, Mexico.  They are having a Welcome Back Winter Texans day, complete with free food and drinks, accompanied by music and entertainment.

Let the fun begin !!


  1. Sounds like a little slice of heaven, so thrilled you guys are having so much fun and have met such great people!

    More pics of the pool and hot tub ok? LOL

    Living vicariously through your adventures....


  2. Yeah where's the pictures?
    Nice to meet up and hang out with friends and have too much fun in Mexico!

  3. ....are you rving or are you in heaven?


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