Sunday, December 18, 2011

Pizza Party

We woke to another gray rainy day.  The temperature never got past 59F, that I saw.

Teresa and I had a good laugh, thinking maybe something was wrong with our rig, because it seems every day that it rains, our poor little motorhome seems to shrink ... LOL.

Today was going to be a special day, despite the weather.  Bob and Janet were hosting a pizza party for the six of us.

Janet made the pizza dough from scratch, and the two of them loaded on all the goodies we love.

To top it off, Bob has an outside smoker/cooker, that he has mastered the art of cooking in.

Ed along with Bob and Janet in
their beautiful Mobile Suites

Teresa and I both LOVE pizza, and I can say with complete honesty, that our pizza today rivaled the best of the best pizza we have ever had !!

Our best buddy, Marilyn

The smoker really added a unique flavor and aroma.  A huge thank you to Bob and Janet, for your outstanding generosity.  We truly appreciated it, and you can cook for us anytime you want !!

Later, Teresa chastised me just a little, saying that I ate the most out of anyone, but I didn't care, it was just too awesome to refuse.

Shortly after our party broke up, Teresa went to do some more laundry.  It is a new laundromat, with about a dozen washers and dryers, so it does not take long to get the job done.

She brought a book with her, but never cracked it open, because she was kept entertained by visiting with other RV'ers again.  She said she is not even going to bother bringing a book with her next time !!

Tonight is the season finale of Survivor, and since we had such a big lunch, I think it will be a munchie evening.

Tomorrow is supposed to be back in the 80's. 

We sure hope so !!


  1. A pizza party is always good, having made thousands of pizzas in my restaurant for years, we still enjoy a good one once in a while, either make the dough, or buy a dough but always dress it myself.

    We take the weather as it comes, if nice outside as much as possible, the odd day we enjoy inside too, computing reading etc.... Whatever its much better than the alternative!

    Oh and the laundry is always a fun place to.

  2. Pizza cooked outside, how neat. I've been feeling just as closed in sitting in my stix and brix as I would in my RV in this weather. We are not used to the lack of sun that we have had lately here in Texas. This chill weather is not good either.

  3. I love pizza. I used to make it all the time when the kids were little. Ah that was a very long time ago.
    I take it that your friends have a 5ver? Nice looking and very roomy.
    I hope you have nicer weather tomorrow and me too.


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