Saturday, December 24, 2011

'Twas the night before Christmas

I was hoping the forecast was wrong, and that the sun would be out today, even for a few minutes.

But it was not to be.

The reason I was hoping for some sun, is because my little Teresa is suffering from homesickness this Christmas.

We knew it would be tough, and some of our family members that know her well, predicted that she wouldn't even make it this long.

Teresa's main goal in life had nothing to do with careers or social status.

But rather to be a Mom and wife, and love her family with all her heart.

Well, add to this mixture an adorable Granddaughter who is just learning to talk, and you have one teary eyed broken down gal.

Everyone is telling us that the first year is the worst, so we know it will get better.

And thankfully, we have our friends here, who are also missing their families, so we will lean heavily on each other.

The plan is to keep this red-eyed beauty busy for the next two days. 

Tonight we are going to the Christmas eve mass at the San Juan Basilica, followed by a chile supper at Ed and Marilyn's.

Tomorrow morning, we will go to church, then the park is putting on a wonderful Christmas lunch at 1pm.

After lunch, we are going to get together again with Ed and Marilyn to play some games and eat some appies.

She is trying to put on a brave face, and fight back the tears, but they still seem to sneak out.

So, to all you future fulltimers and snowbirds, be prepared. 

The first Christmas away, may be a blue blue Christmas.


  1. can you skype? that might help with the miles

    Merry Christmas!

  2. Yup that first one away from home is tough! Also bad when someone up there is ill and you are not there.

    Meanwhile, lots of wine and tons of cuddles are in order.

    Feliz Navidad!

  3. That's so sad - I hope Teresa's busy enough to enjoy the day. It sounds like you guys have lots of fun things planned. And I agree with Linda and Jim, Skyping can make you feel like you're there. Last Christmas morning my daughter Skyped me and I was able to see the tree, all the presents the grandkids got from Santa, all the excitement. When we hung up, I was feeling pretty good. Merry Christmas to you both! :)

  4. Just remember that they are thinking of you, and you are thinking of them. They know you are happy where you are and that should make them happy too.
    Skype has been suggested and is a great way to catch up! And it's free!

    Merry Christmas from the Frozen North (haha, not so frozen at 9c).


  5. The best Christmas that your family can get is seeing their retired parents/grandparents enjoying themselves in a way that jumps out at them through the excitment you epxress from your blog.
    Merry Christmas,

  6. awww merry christmas TnT....I'm very much like Theresa..hence why we are not leaving till next Tuesday the 27th..but looking outside this morning I'm not sure we made the right decision to is great and we have it downloaded for when we hit the road...lean on each other and your other friends...gentle hugs Theresa...

  7. Merry Christmas TnT. You have a very busy schedule tomorrow. Thats good.
    If you hear load thunding on your roof tonite its just Santa coming by cause you guys are the best. Hope your day is wonderful. I believe you have skype?

  8. Ok, am I missing something here? I know I am sitting here in my home, getting ready for Christmas with my kids and grandkids tomorrow. But, I thought that was why everyone wanted the freedom to travel and be where they wanted, when they wanted. I envy the time that you have on the road, but why not plan your travels around being home with family during the holidays. I can't imagine any amount of friends or warm weather that can substitute for my children or grandchildren. I hope you have a Merry Christmas and can plan to be with them in the future for family holidays. I understand Teresa! Being a mother and a grandmother is one of my greatest joys.

  9. Merry Christmas guys, yes it is different and the first one is always the toughest, you can make up for it when you get back home.
    Since we have retired we see much more of our families than we ever did, in the summer months. While away skype works wonderful. Keep busy and all should be better soon, a few phone calls help as well.


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