Monday, December 5, 2011

Shopping and Lunch with Ed and Marilyn

I went for a swim and relaxed in the hot tub last night.  I am sure glad I did, because a cold front is moving through, and it looks like it is here to stay for a few days anyway.

Once again, my shy little bride refused my offer to accompany me to the pool, but I am not going to give up on her.

A few readers have asked about the temps here lately.  It has routinely been in the high 70's, low 80's range, with nights in the 60's so we can sleep with the windows open.

However, with this cold front, temps are forecast to be in the 50's, with lows in the 40's.  Brrrr....

This morning, we were lazing around, when Ed and Marilyn gently knocked on our door, to see if we needed any groceries.  Yep, we did, so we kicked it into high gear, and only made our friends wait a few minutes ... lol.

Because it was only the four of us, we offered to take our car.  With Ed riding shotgun, he patiently guided us to a nearby shopping centre.

I needed to buy a new fire extinguisher to replace ours,  and Ed was looking for large needles and string, to fix a problem blind in their rig.  We found both.

Now Ed, who hates to shop, also found some pants and shorts.  Teresa found some tops, while Marilyn and I struck out.  Oh, well.

Remember, Teresa loves dining out, so in a very subtle move ( not ), she spied an Olive Garden, and exclaimed,  " I have never been to an Olive Garden yet ". 

Ed and Marilyn fell for it hook, line, and sinker, and said " Let's Go". 

We had the all you can eat, soup, salad, and breadsticks, and I do believe we have found another favourite restaurant !

Next on our agenda was Walmart.  Oh, oh, the parking lot was jammed.  But, not to be discouraged, we dropped the ladies off at the door, and parked in the back 40.

We picked up our much needed supplies, including a very nice white wine that Marilyn suggested.

We quickly made a beeline for home, and both couples decided it would be a nice afternoon, to watch movies and relax.

Ed and Marilyn had lent us "Secondhand Lions", and we can heartily recommend it for others.  It is a wholesome and touching story, and Teresa was dabbing at her eyes more than once.

So even when the weather isn't perfect, you can still have a perfect day !


  1. Sounds like a busy day for a not so busy couple! LOL
    Olive garden is a great place to eat, love their bread.... mmmm
    Will see if that movie on netflix.


    PS 40's and 50's isn't cold... you are so spoiled!!!!

  2. sounds like you had a great day!!!! we also love Olive Garden...

  3. Don't you listen to Wild Blue Yonder. Forties and fifties in Texas is disgusting--I live in San Antonio and we don't like it. lol. Second hand Lions is a great movie but the wine may have aided the mellow feeling. Barefoot has a good moscato too.

  4. It sounds like you will be getting the weather we are having here. Its COLD! Enjoy your movies and wine.

  5. Yep cold here, we gonna send it your way, we have had enough of this for now. Enjoy the sunshine while its there.

  6. Well dare I add that it had been down to 66F at night here in Mazatlan. A huge cold front!


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